Purling Dervish

Now with half the Purling, and ten times the Dervish

And no one died

Jul-28-2015 By Stacey

Dinosaur Valley State Park was the destination for our experimental camping trip. It was close enough that if things went wrong, we could be home in short order. I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid.   I don’t have a lot of pictures because we were doing ALL the things.


27 miles of walking/ hiking, not including the time spent in the water walking to the Bluehole and dinosaur tracks. We were a half mile from the bathrooms. Our campsite was 1/3 mile from the parking area and park store. It was hot. Hot! So we spent a bunch of time actually in the water. Our hiking was done before 10 a.m.

It actually went so well that we’ll be doing another trip next month.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

83 Days

Jul-24-2015 By Stacey

That’s how long it has been since I blogged. Whoops! I was going to say if you don’t hear from me in a few days send help, but y’all wouldn’t know.

I’ve been doing a lot of staying cool at my new Harbor. I like to hang at Suntan Lagoon because it isn’t full of spawnlings. Yes,I do plan to be able to make handbags out of my skin when I’m older.

I’ve also been to Galveston with a friend, gone kayaking and bike riding with Texas, knit about town, visited Ripley’s (the one with the bad wax figurines), ate more meat than should be humanly possible, and now we’re going camping. In a tent. In July. In Texas 😜

Someone actually asked me if I was dying because of ALL the stuff we’ve been doing.

I really do need to blog more, but I’ve been so busy. On the other hand, we’ve discovered that I am in the 10% of NMO patients that lose memories when having an attack. If it hadn’t been for the blog, Texas and I wouldn’t have known there was a thing to ask the Wizard about.

So, here’s to surviving the camping trip, (In a tent. In July. In Texas.) returning to blogging, and living life.

Happy weekending y’all!

Can ya spare a dollar?

May-1-2015 By Stacey

My husband is riding the Sam’s Club Round-Up Bike MS 150 May 2nd.  He’s only riding one day, but he is doing the Century Ride. ( which isn’t really 100 miles, it’s 106.2. I keep saying it is the last 6 miles that will kill him)  

If you didn’t know, NMO was once thought to be a variant of MS and many patients were originally misdiagnosed with MS. Even after finding out we were different, the MS Society still holds a place for our orphan disease and provides services and support for NMO patients and their families (along with a few other orphan demylenating diseases). 

As if him doing this isn’t proof enough that he loves me, I forced him to he had his toes painted MS orange today. Do a good thing and click here to donate. It is even tax deductible! He’s only about $450 away from his goal of raising $1000.


And then there was that.

Apr-12-2015 By Stacey

Apparently, I am getting too old to party like it’s my birthday for a whole week. I barely survived 3 days. But what a fun three days it was! We tried restaraunts new to us and went to some favorites.  There was my semi-annual adult beverage, which…WOO!

I made it to the Botanical Gardens when stuff was in bloom. (There may have been a little too much blooming going on for ye old allergy meds to handle.) I would really like to cruise by during the summer and fall too. oh, and I almost walked out with the most adorable little Japanese Maple bonsai.

Can I just say, what a difference a few years and about 80 pounds makes? I was winded and done by the time we made it to the Japanese Garden last time. This time? We lapped that sucker a couple of times ( I think I finally saw it all) and then headed to a West 7th for lunch and more walking.


There also may have been some movie watching in the form of The Longest Ride. Thankfully, we saw it at a theater and there was no ugly crying. Because, well, we just don’t ugly cry in public.

On my actual birthday, he ran for fresh coffee and a blueberry muffin for me, but we ended up having steak for breakfast. I’ll have a nice treat tomorrow morning. Energy for Jiu jitsu. What!?! That’s my excuse!

I was going to knit for a few hours tonight, but got wrapped up in a book that was a present. It was a nice change from all of the going I did this weekend.

Did I mention that we also rode about 9 miles? We took it slow and adjusted  my bike as we went. Amazing what an extra inch will do for your ride.

Happy Monday y’all! Hope you had a great weekend!

Hello April

Apr-3-2015 By Stacey

I’m still not certain what happened to March, but I think it went something like this:

  • I went to L.A.
  • Saw a live UFC event
  • Had my Rituxan
  • Became more medically interesting
  • Celebrated Texas turning 35
  • Knit a bit on a sweater

I want to add more length, but I’m kind of tired of it.  However, I think I have a Julia, a pair of socks, and may have bought Romi’s 2015 Mystery Shawl. (I’m blaming Margene for this one) At least I know I’ll like it, since I love almost all of her designs.

Now I just have to pick my two colors. It is going to be Beaverslide, but I haven’t been able to narrow it down further than this:

Although, I am leaning towards the green and white or the purple and white.  What are you doing this weekend?

Happy Easter y’all!

Finally Finished February

Feb-22-2015 By Stacey

Did you know that people still blog? I cruised through feedly today and realized all y’all are busy. All I’ve gotten done I the past few weeks is this:


Project: Last Chance Sweater aka February Lady (Ravelry)
Started: March 10, 2012
Finished: Today

Yes, it took almost three years to finish. I’m o.k. with that. I finally finished it and it will be good for layering. Now I really want to cast on for another sweater. Maybe it is Iceageddon 2.0? Or just that I’m really happy to have a sweater I made and didn’t hate. She’s taking a bath and I’ll have to figure out where to block her.

What are you doing today?

Today is full of it.

Feb-8-2015 By Stacey

Awesome sauce that is. There is beautiful weather, the plague is lifting, the new allergy med seems to be working, there will be knitting (and coffee), his momma gave us her old record collection. It’s just pretty darn good all around.


The lake house is listed and I have to go down again this week and do some little things.

I finished the 2.5 year footies. (Ravelry here)

I’m working on the last chance sweater. (Ravelry here) Perhaps even contemplating making it a bolero. What?

And some Aussie chick has me knitting a Julia. (Ravelry here)

What are you up to this Sunday?

She has broad shoulders

Jan-13-2015 By Stacey


So I’ll let her take the blame.

I finished out my Manos trilogy with mitts and a scarf. I knit Texas a hat for his big head. Then, someone sent me yarn to make the coffee hat.


I’m thinking brown mitts with a blue cup at the wrist to match the hat. I may have a thing about matching my accessories. In the meantime, I’m cruising for a pattern that isn’t a mystery and still avoiding the sweater I said was going to finish.

Happy Tuesday y’all!