So this is Christmas


Yes, I have three trees in my living room.

Have I mentioned that I love Christmas? Love. I love decorating the tree most of all. Usually, I do a different theme every year. Cray-cray, I know. The apartment doesn’t quite fit my 12-foot, pre-lit, gorgeous tree, so I got a little creative. They only have a 12 inch footprint, so I was able to get all three. Best of all, they collapse down and fit in a space smaller than a boot box.

Now to figure out how I can get some lights up in here so they don’t look tacky. I need the feel of laying under the tree and looking up to see the pretty lights. Maybe something in the bedroom?

Happy Thursday y’all!

p.s. Any ideas for what I should stick in Texas’ shoe for St.Nicholas day?

A Cat in a Hat


Not such a great picture, but the Maggie does not tolerate any interruptions to her sleep.


Sadly, the hat would have only fit Maggie. After all of the increases, I realized that it wasn’t going to work. On the other hand, I like doing color work, so I’ll start it again soon. I also think that I want to switch the colors and have a brown background.

Today, I’m casting on for something else and watching Gone With The Wind. We still don’t know if Texas is working tomorrow, so we’ve made no plans. Well, except 8 a.m. jiu bitsy. Yes, really. I’m thinking under caffeinated rolling will be cathartic.

Or I’ll need bail.

What are your plans for tomorrow?

Happy Wednesday y’all!

Six flippin’ years!


Every year around the 15th of December, I finally get in the holiday spirit and go looking for matching stockings. Of course, all the good letters are gone by then. This year, I was strolling through the discount Halloween candy Christmas section early and snagged us some. It only took 6 years.

I knit a hat! Have I mentioned it has been cold here? Like break records set in 1890-something cold. It was a free pattern and unless you know how to correct bad math, don’t use it. The yarn is some Manos stuff I added on an order to get free shipping. Of course it is soft and lovely (and won’t hold up to a bunch of wearing). Details on Ravelry.

Happy Wednesday y’all!


Something about the cold makes me want to cook. I get all Becky Home-Ec-y and don’t want to leave my nest.

Saturday turned out to be one of those days. Pork chops and eggs for breakfast and Cheddar burgers for lunch (He’s almost gone! Sadness!).


I made Faux-giving spread on Sunday. They had beautiful, organic turkey breasts and fresh cranberries at the Sprout’s. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the huge yam. You could have killed someone with it.

I even went all out and made an apple crumb pie. Because I was, um helping to heat the apartment?

There was even knitting.

When you find the normal me, please come and kill the body snatcher. Texas never has to know.

Happy Monday y’all!

Boss Lady


Because I’ve been looking for the Boss Lady messenger bag for a while. I bought a different BlueQ bag about three years ago and have used it well and good as an everyday purse. Yes, a $17, everyday purse that lasted three years. (They’re now $19.)

I threw the other one in my basket because I had a $50 credit to use and it will make the uptight people around here cringe.

We will not be talking about the USPS drama that happened with my box.

Happy Saturday y’all!

The cold cometh


Since it’s been so cold, I’ve been diligently working on my sock yarn afghan. It’s been nice to sit underneath it as it grows. However, it is also a little boring.

I may have started another pair of socks. Yeah, yeah. I know I have three other pairs started. But they’re cotton! I needed a wool pair.

And someone to finish my WIP’s.

Whatever. It will give Texas something to figure out when I’m dead.

Happy Thursday y’all!

There was Rhinebeck

And here is my haul:


Not that I actually went to Rhinebeck. Anne was nice enough to do some shopping for me via texts and with some help from Cookie. I’ve been coveting Into the Whirled batts for a while and this year, the stars aligned.

I was doing this local dye day thing instead. I only have two things to say about it. 1) Stop touching my yarn! and 2) Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I KNOW how to dye yarn.


Maybe I do have a little more to say. Most of the ladies were nice and the hostess has an amazing collection of fiber tools. Also, my husband geek bonded with the hostess’ husband. What? You think I was going in alone? Hells no!

Then there was gay Halloween. Not as fun as last year because someone had a crappy attitude, but it still had it’s moments.


What are you doing for Halloween?

Want a lake house?


Coming down to the lake has made me realize how much we need to sell it and move on. I need to be out of the apartment and my mom needs to be in one.

Watching your parent age sucks.

Besides, all the stuff that needs doing on a property that you don’t live at is kind of overwhelming. Today, I’ll be getting some gutters and learning how to install them. Luckily, not on the whole house, just a section that needs repairing.

It also makes me miss the life we had here. I don’t got no time for those types of feelings. Maybe it is because I drove by the farm on my way down and finally took the time to mourn the loss of the animals and that little dream.

Time keeps marching and changes keep coming.

Happy Saturday y’all!