It went to eleven

Eleven years of blogging.  Woot?!?

Do you want to know what WordPress gave to me?  No comments. Yep. I am not being mean and not communicating.  I’m just not getting sent the comments. I tried several things to fix it and I can’t… soooooo


Besides my adorbs self, I’m going to give all y’all some stash to buy. Hahahah. *ahem* O.k. I’m really just downsizing and getting rid of a huge portion of my yarn and some looms and stuff.  Someone won’t let me sell my wheel.

In between packing and taking pictures of stash sale stuff, I’ll try to read and answer the best I can.

Happy Thursday y’all!

There’s a Squatch in these woods.

We visited Mineral Wells State Park yesterday.  This is the place we were supposed to camp back in August when the temps hit 110. It was beautiful and I can’t wait to actually camp there.


We hiked out, had lunch and hiked back.  It would have been something to see when all the creeks were full this past spring.  Oh, and on the way in, you drive across the spill way.  However, the lake is ABOVE where your car drives.  Next time we go, I’ll have to get a good picture.


Summer of Socks ’15



This was the summer of not knitting socks. Or knitting much of anything really. I kind of wonder if people still knit.


Texas and I did things that involved staying cool. There wasn’t a lot of jiu jitsu on my part because it was just too hot and I only have so many tablespoons. I think we rode bikes together once, maybe twice when that cold front came through.  He may have been crazy enough to go out, but well, he is a boy.

We never got to that second camping trip because the temperatures hit 108 and we really didn’t need to see what would happen to the things in my head. We ended up in New Braunfels and San Antonio instead. Rafting the river was so relaxing. Kayaking was awesome because I could pretty much dump myself into the water if I got too hot or just float with the current if I got too tired.

My body has definitely noticed the whole “taking it easy” trend and I can’t wait until it cools off and I can try to work out regularly again. (aka, I gained weight)

We added Hannibal I mean Harry to our little family. We spent a horrific amount of time trolling Fort Worth (or FTW as people like to shorten it to) for nicer neighborhoods and decently reviewed apartment complexes.  Neither of us completely lost our shit on the neighbors here. I am surprisingly ready to pack all this up and GTFO.


So, knitting.  I have the wash cloth that I cast on the day before our camping trip.  I know. A wash cloth. I totally didn’t care if it got sweaty or wet or dirty or whatever happens when you do ALL the things out doors. I started it July 24th and finished it today. Details here if you’re really interested.  I’m even fixin’ ta cast on another in the opposite colors.

I knit a little on that Julia that some Aussie chick made me start. I had to rip it back a bit because I seriously overestimated my knitting while drugged abilities. I’m back on track and about ready to change colors. YEAH!

Other than that, I bought yarn for a sweater knit along that starts tonight. (Obviously I’m not there. People! Blerg!) I might cast on for it tomorrow while Texas is at the Farm. Oh, and I’m considering doing a serious de-stash since we’re downsizing when we move.

Happy Fall Y’all!

And no one died

Dinosaur Valley State Park was the destination for our experimental camping trip. It was close enough that if things went wrong, we could be home in short order. I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid.   I don’t have a lot of pictures because we were doing ALL the things.


27 miles of walking/ hiking, not including the time spent in the water walking to the Bluehole and dinosaur tracks. We were a half mile from the bathrooms. Our campsite was 1/3 mile from the parking area and park store. It was hot. Hot! So we spent a bunch of time actually in the water. Our hiking was done before 10 a.m.

It actually went so well that we’ll be doing another trip next month.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

83 Days

That’s how long it has been since I blogged. Whoops! I was going to say if you don’t hear from me in a few days send help, but y’all wouldn’t know.

I’ve been doing a lot of staying cool at my new Harbor. I like to hang at Suntan Lagoon because it isn’t full of spawnlings. Yes,I do plan to be able to make handbags out of my skin when I’m older.

I’ve also been to Galveston with a friend, gone kayaking and bike riding with Texas, knit about town, visited Ripley’s (the one with the bad wax figurines), ate more meat than should be humanly possible, and now we’re going camping. In a tent. In July. In Texas 😜

Someone actually asked me if I was dying because of ALL the stuff we’ve been doing.

I really do need to blog more, but I’ve been so busy. On the other hand, we’ve discovered that I am in the 10% of NMO patients that lose memories when having an attack. If it hadn’t been for the blog, Texas and I wouldn’t have known there was a thing to ask the Wizard about.

So, here’s to surviving the camping trip, (In a tent. In July. In Texas.) returning to blogging, and living life.

Happy weekending y’all!