I win by losing

Team Lutter at the Matshark tournament yesterday. Of course, after I rolled. They never take a picture before I get all sweaty and gross. I also may have forgotten my sock at home, so it didn’t get to go on an adventure yesterday. I wonder if I can take a bunch of them today to open mat and put them in BJJ positions.

Nah! Too much work.

Results? Meh. I had two matches and I got silver. I really wanted to win and ended up in an Americana (the last picture shows the fun) and tapped a little later than I should have. It was my floppy, so I wasn’t able to compete in the Absolute. Some ice, a compression sleeve, and the IF unit and I should be good to go by Monday.


It’s been hot and I couldn’t train for about a week and a half. This could be a problem if I want to compete during the summer. (Unless we get mats and turn our living room into a mini dojo.) Not that it excuses not being good enough to win.  Besides, the girl I lost to was like 19. Hello 22 year age difference! That’s an excuse I might be able to live with.

‡  ‡  ‡  Whining Alert  ‡ ‡ ‡ 

I so want to prove a point. That even with the NMO and the floppy that I can do this. That I can be good. There are people missing limbs that win gold on an international level for Pete’s sake!  I really get frustrated by my limitations. I’m not looking for comments on this, I just want to say a big EFF YOU to the situation getting in the way of my plans. 

‡ ‡ ‡ End Whining ‡ ‡ ‡

 Soooo… anyway! No sock knitting or spinning yesterday. I’m going to see what the day holds before I commit to doing anything besides going to the pool and napping.

Happy Sunday y’all! What are you doing today?

p.s. Texas competed in two divisions and came home with a Silver and a Bronze. And a hurt elbow. At least it is his left and we can still hold hands. :D

That would be me spinning

Please do not pass out.


  • Fiber: Superwash merino
  • Dyed by: me
  • 1.2 ounces and 176 yards
  • July 7 & 8, 2014

I left them as singles (because what the hell would I knit with half of that?) and tried a new blocking method. You leave you singles or over-twist yarns on the noddy noddy and steam iron it. Move it, iron it… etc.

If I had more patience, I’m sure it would have worked nicely. I have a tall iron, so I could only do little sections. About the 3rd time I had to shift the yarn, I called it good. You can definitely tell where it was ironed and not. I’ll wet finish it later.

It’s hot. Hot enough that I’m not excited about the tournament this weekend. Hot enough that I’m thinking of leaving my husband and showing up on Angie’s doorstep for the summer.  I may have mentioned to Texas that I was moving back to the lake house until October (it’s about 15 degrees cooler there) and he was o.k. with it. I figure 2.5 hours to the lake vs. 15 hours or so to Wisconsin… that’s about the same difference, right?

Besides, Angie has a creek, a new loom, a fiber room and precious kitties. You don’t think she’ll mind, do you?

Happy Wednesday y’all!

I’ve got a weird hankering

For doing weird things.


I finally finished my first Inkle strap. Considering I started it on December 14, 2008, I don’t think it is too bad. I can definitely see places where I worked on it diligently and had evened everything out. Then there are the wonky, wobbly parts. So yeah, no close ups.

Now to decide if I want to load that up again, or maybe my rigid heddle, or maybe I should spin for the Tour. Who wants to bet I do none of those?

Yesterday and today are all about the resting. This heat and humidity do things to the things in my head. I’m hoping these storms come through and cool things off. You know, since the pool is still closed. (supposedly it is going to be re-inspected today) I haven’t even done jiu jitsu in two days. Well, except for some drills in my nice, cold living room. Does it count if I don’t get bruised and don’t sweat all that much?

Spinning would count as exercise, right?

Happy Thursday y’all!

One Stripe


Yesterday was ranking day. Four and a half months in and I’m one stripe down. Yea! It usually takes about two years to get a blue belt, so I still have a ways to go.

This means I can now attend advanced class which means more work and more practice for competitions.

If you notice in the second class picture, while all of the girls were attacking our coach, the guys are standing around saying “Uh, uh. No way. Bobby will kick our asses if we get involved.” Obviously, we ladies have no fear.

Thanks for all of the cheers and support so far. I know I still have a lot of work to do.

Jan 28 – May 29


So much further to go (especially with that caterpillar crawling across my brow – what is up with that?!?), but a nice reminder of where I started. Because I still see the left side picture when I look in the mirror.

My mom told me that I look like my father with all of that gray in my hair. I’m not sure how I feel about that.  I was going to do a whole poll thing about dyeing/not dyeing my hair, but after that comment, I am SO doing it.

Happy Friday y’all! Remember to keep an eye on those crazy caterpillars!

p.s. there will be no talk of that turkey waddle I’m growing.

Just listen

Don’t think or judge, just listen.

I think, overthink, plan, and judge far too much. With everything. Knitting, jiu jitsu, people, life. Although I think I judge myself the hardest. (Texas may disagree with that last one from time to time.)

I keep getting told to stop overthinking and just do.

Not so easy when you “need” a plan for everything that could happen. I suppose it is a byproduct of my upbringing. I can tell you that it drives other people nuts sometimes. Hell, it even drives me a little batty.


I need to stop and listen more. To my thoughts, to others and to my body. I need to not judge myself (or others) so harshly.

I’m finding that the longer I do it, Jiu Jitsu is making me look at my character flaws rather than just my physical ones. I really thought it was just about challenging and changing my physical self. Ha! The joke is on me… in a good way.

Happy Thursday y’all! What do you have planned for the long weekend?

Funny you should mention ribs

Day two was AH-mazing. It really doesn’t get better than a couple of professional, world champions teaching you. Especially women teaching women. It’s a different way of learning that I’m lucky I had the chance to experience.


That’s after an hour and a half of rolling. I look like I got stuck in a rainstorm and hit by a truck. Some of those girls look shower fresh. How do they do it?

I did sideways rolls down the mat twice! I am not the most coordinated person in the world as y’all may know (hello Floppy Paw Incident ’06). Rolls in general (forward, backward, and side) have left me feeling, well, uncoordinated. It felt good for it to click. They were warm ups for a couple of moves where you actually grab the other person and roll.

Which brings me to the ribs. There, I am, on the back of another girl, arm around her neck. I was supposed to dip my shoulder to the mat, roll both of us and swing around quickly to catch her arm in an arm bar. At some point when I was scrunched up and pulling her over me, something popped. It didn’t hurt right away, but now? I’m just going to say I’m glad I brought some NSAIDs and the little man hooked me up with a bag of ice.

It’s not broken. (Because, well, see that imaginary M.D. after my name?) I’m following google-fu’d instructions for breathing exercises, stretches, and icing. If it still hurts, I see my family doc this week anyway.

Class starts at 10 today, and I’m debating either relaxing by the pool this afternoon or swallowing a bunch of my sleeping pills and heading home when I wake up sometime around midnight. Right now, the getting home early sounds good because tomorrow at 12, Texas and I are both getting new to us cars. I’d hate to get stuck in traffic and be late.

What are you up to today?

BJJ and a little knitting

As some of you know, I am in San Antonio attending a Women’s BJJ Camp. Fabiana Borges, Ana Laura Cordeiro, and Gracie Barra San Antonio are hosting the event.

Last night was the first seminar led by Shama Ko, a phenom purple belt. She runs Girls in Gis and has a photography business.

Besides the insane warm up, she was teaching a move on avoiding side control and then getting a submission.

Image used from Eastern Europe BJJ.

For those of you not in the know, side control is just what it sounds like. You are on your back and the other person is smashed into your chest and face from the side. Seriously, smashed. Yes, it usually as uncomfortable as that picture makes it look. It is my least favorite position to be in. I hate it even more than being mounted. I usually see it coming and just wait for the smash. No more! Well, hopefully no more.

It was awesome meeting all of these strong, funny, confident, knowledgeable, amazing women. It was awesome seeing how different schools teach and learning new ways to do things. It was awesome rolling with only girls outside of a competition setting. It was just awesome.

Day one lessons learned:

    Don’t forget the Aminolast. Or I won’t last.
    Don’t be ashamed of my limitations.
    Don’t forget the cooling vest.
    Remind myself that I am new and that one day, I’ll understand what the heck is going on.
    Progress, not perfection. (aka – it’s the process)

A woman I was practicing with was talking about her 3 broken ribs and broken finger and she made the analogy “it’s not like we’re knitting here”. How appropriate. Because I am knitting here.


These were started March 2012. Yes, over two years ago. Shut up. I finished the first one sometime ago and I thought it might be time to finish them. I think that I forgot I liked knitting. So far, the morning has been beautiful for sitting by the pool and a little jaunt on the treadmill. (I hope that doesn’t come back to bite me this afternoon)

I’m thinking of going for a swim before class. That is, if my bathing suit isn’t too big. There is a hot tub there too that has my name on it for this evening.

Happy Saturday y’all! What are you doing today!

p.s. I promise this is still going to be a knitting blog. I know it was a farm blog for a while and now it seems like BJJ all the time, but all things go in cycles.