Twinkle, twinkle, little inkle

I was cruising around my blog to see if I could find out how I warped my inkle loom, and this blog post popped up. Which had nothing to do with the search term “inkle”. My inkle wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye way back then. But I did end up tweaking the recipe and made it healthier.

I ground steel cut oats for the flour, and threw some whole oats in. I think I used some powdered stevia from Trim Healthy Momma. I did this on 08/08, so I’m not quite sure anymore.

What ever happened to “What’s for Dinner Wednesday”? I may have to make a button and resurrect that. I am a Pope after all. 

So, “what about the inkle loom?” you ask.


Happy Wednesday y’all!

Weaving away



Even though I was all “just out of the pool and air dried”, I had to take the picture. I’ve since woven in the ends. After taking a real weaving class (more on that later) instead of just winging it off the internet,I have been having fun.

This was my first time working from a pattern and using a swing machine to finish.

The kit was purchased from Spunky Eclectic and I ended up joining her weaving club. If you were ever on the edge about buying a weaving kit from her? DO IT!!!  More details can be found here.

So, that just happened

I blame Rosie since she bought a sewing machine. The black and white one wraps a little, so I have some hand sewing to tack down the split. Because no one wants to see my undies while I’m trolling around town.  

While not busy making pretty sun dresses, I’m planning a weekend camping trip. While knitting, swimming, biking, and cross stitching.  I may also be going to a weaving class. That forced “vacation” has me doing ALL the things.

 Life is too short y’all, go out and grab it by the balls!