Lazy Monday Orange House Morning

ridgecrest 035

::: insert update information here:::

Or not.

Look at the title people. Lazy. With a capital L. I may be able to work up to a real post tomorrow.

Besides, the camera is all the way in the dining room.

Could I blame the smoke? Or should I just go with my standard blamee Angie? (Who is having a contest right now. Go, enter.) Lack of caffeine? Sadness over my bean plants taking a turn for the worse on me?  We’re working on an attitude adjustment.

ridgecrest 004

Look! The orange house. (Just for you Nora) The front awning used to be completely orange. Thankfully, they turned it back to white. It’s often used for reference when giving directions… make a left at the stop sign and we’re across from the orange house. It’s much brighter in person, but a not as bad as when it was first done.

A year in the desert will fade anything. Happy Monday y’all.

6 thoughts on “Lazy Monday Orange House Morning

  1. Oh, okay…I’ll warp all ready. 😀 I’ve got to run some errands that involve rum but I’ll warp!

    That house has to be one of the best directional markers ever! Maybe my spinach plants that when to seed when they were an inch high were talking to your beans? We’ll have to take away their cell phones.

    So, is the next station near Wisconsin? 😀


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