Progress on a Sunday?

As someone I love dearly said…

Who are you and where’s that pink hair wearin’ nightclub crawling tattooed city girl we used to know?

Between fishing, cleaning and getting the love shack set up, there has been some fiber progress made.

wip wed 023

Icarus increased by two rows, the freezing farmgirl fisher mitts have had a couple of rounds added and I’ve worked on a long forgotten cross stitch project.  They’ve decided to do some “strength training” on ye ole floppy, so everything has been kind of slow going.

life 002

Even the play room is in disarray.  Serious disarray.  (I had to take that picture again since someone’s birthday presents were showing in the first couple I took.)  The wall behind me is going to be all shelving and I’m looking for a comfy, cozy chair to curl up in.  I’m thinking this since I plan to have two big leather chairs and ottomans by the fireplace.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And for something completely unrelated… it’s Unconcsious Mutterings time again!

  1. Take ::control
  2. 350 ::engine
  3. Stand ::and deliver
  4. Raspberry ::jam
  5. Turnstile ::caught
  6. Infomercial ::Billy Mays here
  7. Dejected ::eeyore
  8. What’s the word? :: Y’all easy bake oven chicks, eat y’all up
  9. Awestruck :: gobsmacked
  10. Smashed :: strawberry wine

Happy Sunday y’all!

p.s. you do realize it’s the first of February… right?

9 thoughts on “Progress on a Sunday?

  1. You have fiber stuff in your play room? What a freak.

    You do need a big comfy chair to curl up in. It’s a must.

    How is it February? I still don’t understand where January went. o.0

    Happy Steelers Sunday!


  2. Three posts in a row? Woot! Nice WIP photo. I’m going to pull out Icarus this afternoon after Dan heads to DC. 😛

    Play rooms with cushy chairs are essential.

    I’m kinda glad January went so quickly. I’m ready for Spring! I think.

  3. i am in love with your icarus! what kind of yarn is that? forgive me for not being up to date on all your wip’s.

    do you at least still have the pink hair?

    february? gah! how’d that happen? /runs back to bed

  4. You were making a lone star cross stitch before you met Texas? Kismet, I tell you.
    If that love shack weren’t in Texas, I’d move next door. Send my spawn to trample your roses and throw baseballs through your windows…. I mean, to help you carry your groceries and mow your lawn… Yeah…

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