Yippee Skippy!

It’s Thursday!  24 hours and 50 minutes until Texas arrives!

I still have to clean the bathroom and the kitchen, but after that it’s a cakewalk.  Ooops.  I forgot, I need to assemble his gift and I did want to wash both cars and crap, if I’m going out to do that, I have to get cat food. And since the idiot I was going to hire to clear the trees decided to go on a bender… I may have to look for someone else… who isn’t going to have it done by tomorrow like I’d hoped.

Fine.  Maybe not a cakewalk to you, but compared to last week and this… I’m on Easy Street!

Something to fill the space:

  1. Independence :: Well word gets a round in a small, small town, they said he was a dangerous man
  2. Meltdown :: me!  yesterday!
  3. Vulture :: turkey
  4. Hope :: floats
  5. Float :: pool
  6. Hole :: ass
  7. Trespass :: shoot to kill
  8. Moving :: target
  9. Extinct :: Pterodactyl
  10. Alligator :: boots

cranky bunny 1

Yeah. Um.  Spinning did not happen yesterday.  I’m afraid if I would have had it with me, someone would have gotten impaled with it.  And then I get a week off for good behavior.

Cookie said so.

Happy Thursday y’all!

7 thoughts on “Yippee Skippy!

  1. I am so sorry that this week has been so hard on you. Just think of the coming week, sweetie.

    A week and a couple of days to recover. ;^)


  2. “…the idiot I was going to hire to clear the trees decided to go on a bender…”

    Sounds like the native population where you live is remarkably similar to the one here.

  3. Now see, I’m totally confused. My feed didn’t give me your Tuesday post until Thursday and then I get your Thursday post on Thursday too. And they’re both dated July 9 and so now I don’t know what day or date it is.

    I thought you were confused and then I find it’s me.

    Limes. Need more limes.

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