It’s not stalking, it’s research

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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lake 008

not fog

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I try to answer my e-mail from previous posts before making a new one, but today?  I’m not feeling the email love yet.

It may be that I’m recovering from my workout yesterday… or the fact my mom came over for lunch today and I ate a lot of junk food and now want to take a nap.  But we’ll go with blaming the workout.

The workout?  1000 meter swim and half hour of cardio.  Only 40 laps, but it took me a half hour.

::: putting on the granny voice :::

I remember when I was on swim team – that was just a warm up AND it didn’t take nearly as long.

How did I get so old without noticing?


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lake 010

now that’s better

Nice cloudy mornings and afternoon have been seen around here.  They’ve brought some awesome cooling rains, but it gets just a tad bit humid before those clouds crack open.  As seen by the first picture.  Yep, my lens fogged up just by walking outside with the camera.

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cranky bunny 1

Team Crankypants update:  I spun for two hours yesterday.  On my wheel of course.  I’ve come to an understanding between the process and the floppy and everything is moving smoothly.  Of course, I’m just trying to finish up this roving so that I can get it off the bobbins, pack it up and ship the starter wheel off to it’s next owner.

stash 001

This is about half of what I had, so I’m going to start a new bobbin and ply the schtuff.  No, I do not remember how much fiber I had or what it was… I just remember I bought it when Fairielady was still dying.  All of her stuff I bought was wonderful and I think I even gave some away when I thought spinning was done for me.  It’s a shame that rotten customers drove her to step away from the stress of dyeing for others.

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Soundtrack for today:

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I leave you with this parting wisdom:  Jesus wouldn’t steal poptarts

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Happy Wednesday y’all!

7 thoughts on “It’s not stalking, it’s research

  1. You’re not old sweetie, trust me. And the whole swim thing? I’d need water wings.

    Loving the chocolate mint spinning.

  2. He would manifest them from the void. Brown sugar flavor.
    Don’t listen to Diane, you’re a geezer.
    /skips away laughing
    Love the foggy lens. Humidity sucks ass.

  3. Unless they were the cinnamon ones. Those things have a very thin layer of heroin inside; I’m pretty sure.

    The spinning is awesome! I am jealous.

  4. I’m with Trish on this one.

    I couldn’t swim that in your time. Then again, I’m pretty sure I would drown in record time.

    I think I’m afraid of your humidity. o.0

    I can’t wait until Nora gets that wheel!


  5. Ha! Cookie thought I wasn’t going to see that. I hope she’s making room for her new toy!

    Dude, 40 laps is A LOT. Shut up.

    How big are the Texas mosquitoes?


  6. I suppose you can do that flippy thingy at the end of a lane? Now, that’s humidity!

    Pretty spinning. I’m sure the wheel will go to an excellent recipient.

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