Random Re-entry Thoughts

01. I either have extreme self restraint or am totally exhausted.

02. I’m unpacking in stages.  Last night was the dirty laundry and washing it.  And the hamper full of stuff I didn’t do before I left.

03. I might fold it today. Or not.

04. Cheese curds are good.  Fried cheese curds are better.


05. If I ever untangle all the cords (laptop, camera, phone) I might finish downloading pictures off my phone and move the ones from my laptop to my computer.

06 It rained here the week I was gone and it was colder in Dallas than Chicago yesterday. It’s still raining.

07. Allergy season.  In Texas.  Thinking of heading North again.

08. Angie and Dan showed me a fun way of cooking/eating.  Which makes me glad I cleaned out my fridge before I left because the grocery shopping today is going to be fun with a capital F.

09. I’m baking bread today.  Well, after I pick up some yeast that might actually be active.

10. Wisconsin TSA doesn’t even blink when they see a wedge shaped unidentified thing in your bags.  Chicago however will pull you aside and search your bags to determine it is just a piece of cheese.

11. Thank dog I cleaned before I left.  Although I’m trying to figure out how it got so damn dusty in a week.

12. I would prefer to stay in my jammies and play with yarn today, but I do need some basic supplies and have to get a box or two or five in the mail.

13.  I don’t like coming home to an empty house and it made missing Texas seem just a tad bit worse than normal.

14.  I think my dog missed me.  A lot.  She even made it onto the bed last night on her own.  Which says a bunch since she is almost 12 and has bad hips.

15.  I’m trying to sort through my email and figure out who I responded to and didn’t while in WI.  Web mail was nice, but I didn’t delete it and it all downloaded to my mail program last night.  I think I’m just going to start fresh with yesterday’s email.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

10 thoughts on “Random Re-entry Thoughts

  1. I hope you make it to bed early tonight and tomorrow and the next day…. ;D

    Fried is better.

    Katie wuves you. I hope Texas comes home soon/early.


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