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Bahia grass, if left to it’s own devices, will leave little black seed pods over everything it touches. Everything. It may be good for grazing and drought resistance, but I think I’m starting to hate the stuff.  Maybe once we get the finishing deck for the tractor, I will hate it less.


After over 6 months, The Maggies remembered what the big blue suitcase meant. Texas got it out to start packing on Friday and she refused to leave it. Even the dog got in the act and kept trying to take clothes out.


I’m contemplating a stash sale.  Cookie says to just get rid of it all and start over.  After looking at it all, I may just take her advice. (on the other hand, I could just randomly start sending it out to people… nah!)

I’m going to start with my dyed stuff since the heat of summer has killed local yarn sales.  I’ll clear it out and start dying again when fall hits.  It will also give me some space so I’m not so overwhelmed by all the yarn.

Yes, there can be too much yarn.


My options for today:

  • prep for painting bedroom
  • clean
  • start listing stash
  • run to junk yard with truck full of junk
  • nap

What to do, what to do?


Happy Monday bitches!



3 thoughts on “In other news

  1. Definitely include the nap. I would also bet donuts that the clean will be on the list. The traveling gets very old, especially when not done together.


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