Annis and weird accents*

The fabulous Snicker-doodle struck again. She had time, I had yarn. We were originally going for a pair of socks each for Texas and I. However, the measurements for his feet threw her off at first. (we got it now since he tried on a pair she sent me)


I believe this is Annis (apparently I read it as another word that y’all will have to figure out on your own)


A hat for Texas that fits him nicely with a little flip, but covers almost my whole head. He saw the little tag she put on it a thought it was a store bought hat, it’s that good.  Then he read the instructions. 😀


Texas also got his very own Minion.  Very, very exclusive since it is the only time that she has ever used buttons for eyes.  Texas thought it needed to be our watchman and put it by the front door rifle.

What?!? Doesn’t everyone have a gun in every room?

Tomorrow, the prizes!!!!  Supercalifragilistic Sarah and Crack-a-lackin’ Cookie both made wonderful things.  Maybe even the socks that weren’t blogged and a minion of my own.

Happy Saturday y’all! I got tractor riding to do.

6 thoughts on “Annis and weird accents*

  1. Definitely…… the tag?

    Annis is gorgeous! Handsome Minion.

    back door rifle, side door shotgun…. Okay, maybe not the bathroom.

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