The winner! For real this time!

In total, $450 was donated by y’all.  I am so grateful for every.single.person. that made a donation or shared this fundraiser.  Thank you all so much!

Here’s what my contact at the foundation said

As you will see, it was a great fundraiser and raised a great amount for NMO research.

Thanks for everything that you did and continue to do.  As in the past, everyone on the list will receive a letter from the foundation that can be used for taxes.

Did you know, that the Guthy Jackson family has donated over 20 million of their own money? Do you know how hard it is to raise money for an orphan disease? Did you know that the foundation is changing the face of medical research? Their “share your information or you don’t get money” approach has eliminated duplication and is making people in the medical community talk about it.

Imagine if we could get every disease worked on this way.

The Judges

What the hell did you put in here with us?!?

Picking the winner

The winner is… ANGIE!!!!!!

1) Don’t call her house during election season… the Wilson is very protective of our Angie

2) Y’all must meet her sometime.  She is the most lovely person.  Plan a trip to WI Sheep and Wool next year and plan a meet up.  Really.  If her dinner hadn’t been ready, I could have talked for hours.

3) She can make me cry tears of happiness and not even know it.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.  (yes, my cold dark heart, but whatever) Remember you can donate anytime.  Here’s to next year! (and a return to my non-knitting, non-blogging life)

Happy Saturday y’all!

p.s. Did you know that they are also trying to get on with the Combined Federal Campaign? So all you people out there who know what that is, look for the Guthy Jackson Charitable Foundation.

7 thoughts on “The winner! For real this time!

  1. Congratulations on the fundraising – and to Angie!

    I -do- know how hard it is to do fundraising for an orphan disease from personal experience, and the amount of money they’ve personally donated is phenomenal. While it sucks for anyone to have such a disease, it’s a blessing to have someone with such resources in your corner.

  2. Congrats Angie!! And I adore the judges. I want some of my very own, but Brillo & Leila don’t agree. Glad to be a part of your fund-raising efforts. We have to get together sometime…when we are both able. 🙂

  3. No crying! 😀 And tell baby D his corn meal and bug mix is on the way. (JK)

    Wilson was so chagrined that he was guarding me from you. And you must come up for the festival or when-ever!

    NMO is an excellent cause and I’m going to look for it on the CFC and tell my office about it.


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