It’s wet t-shirt day on the farm

Someone said I should do a blog post, so prepare to be b.o.r.e.d.

Texas is in Dallas (still working on the Cobra), with the dog, so I have been a busy little beaver.

Ozzy and Kitten are old enough and it’s warmed up enough that they were allowed to go back outside. They ran around, fluffed their hay and squeaked at the older ducks. I’m starting to wonder if Ozzy wasn’t a weird creation of that odd, tiny crane that was visiting all summer.

This allowed for some animal rearranging, no more Dexterizing, less mess, and easier cleaning. Oh, and better on the allergies. Apparently, I have a limit to how many baby ducks we can have in the brooding room at one time.

Did I mention that the bunnahs will be living in the yarn room over the winter? Appropriate, no? I figured they may as well because the chocolate angora will be living there once I find one.

Uh, yeah. NO! The bunnies are a little too messy to be near the yarnz. I’m still getting a chocolate angora when I find one.

What?!? At least I’m not the one trying to bring home a llama. Just call me Dr. Dolittle. (Although I’m more Eliza Doolittle than the Dr., don’t you think? Except, I’ll never have manners.)

Anyone else hating the Target Black Friday commercial? I refuse to shop there this year because of it. Yes, I am that persnickety.

Besides, Vaa-aan just got a new store, All That Bling. Ooh yeah! I can not only support a small business, but I can horrify everyone this year. Between Vandal Nation Station, The Dollar Store, the feed store, and the Chinese restaurant that sells stuff like that above, I got it covered.

Except booze for me.

Random question: If you were hit in the head with a 600 pound gear box, would you go get it checked out? Yeah, me too. But, what do I know? He’s alive and I can’t tell if there is any new brain damage. The systemic testosterone poisoning makes it hard to tell.

You wonder why I want a drink?

Happy Sunday y’all!

5 thoughts on “It’s wet t-shirt day on the farm

  1. I’m just pissed at Target for being open and having sales on Thanksgiving. This will make it a little harder to do my standard gift-cards-to-teachers, so I guess everyone is getting Mermaid Cards this year. Please don’t tell me if the Mermaid is open on T-day.

  2. Is there ANYTHING cute in that store? o.O Please keep in mind that I DO NOT do tacky.

    He’s a man. They’re not like us.

    I’m glad you’re getting done, darlin’.


  3. Are you litter box training your bunnehs? I wouldn’t let them near the yarn because they might just eat it. I think that cute purse would make a great project bag now that you are a Mom to all the critters. 😉

  4. Yeah, one never knows that limit until it has been crossed. I’m glad you have it sorted.

    I have considered never shopping at Target again because of that commercial, but that might just be my epic grudge-holding gene attempting to express itself. I do try to fight that gene, but I might make an exception in this case.

    Yikes! Yeah, the systemic testosterone poisoning does make brain damage difficult to assess.

    Hope the drankin’ helps! xoxo

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