1. I’m just pissed at Target for being open and having sales on Thanksgiving. This will make it a little harder to do my standard gift-cards-to-teachers, so I guess everyone is getting Mermaid Cards this year. Please don’t tell me if the Mermaid is open on T-day.

  2. Is there ANYTHING cute in that store? o.O Please keep in mind that I DO NOT do tacky.

    He’s a man. They’re not like us.

    I’m glad you’re getting done, darlin’.


  3. paulah

    Are you litter box training your bunnehs? I wouldn’t let them near the yarn because they might just eat it. I think that cute purse would make a great project bag now that you are a Mom to all the critters. 😉

  4. Yeah, one never knows that limit until it has been crossed. I’m glad you have it sorted.

    I have considered never shopping at Target again because of that commercial, but that might just be my epic grudge-holding gene attempting to express itself. I do try to fight that gene, but I might make an exception in this case.

    Yikes! Yeah, the systemic testosterone poisoning does make brain damage difficult to assess.

    Hope the drankin’ helps! xoxo

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