Purling Dervish

Now with half the Purling, and ten times the Dervish

I’m staging a protest

Dec-10-2012 By Stacey


Since we aren’t at the lake and I don’t have my beautiful 9 foot tree, Imma gonna have fun this year.

Yes, those are shotgun shell lights. Because I can. Because if you could see the farm, you’d understand. This! This is my rebellion. Or the loss of my mind.

I guess we’ll see as the month goes on.

Happy Monday y’all!

p.s. This all may be hastened by the fact we have the 8 teenage ducks in the house overnight for the next few nights because of the cold.

  1. kmkat Said,

    Don’t let those ducks near your smartphone or you’ll have a $1000+ phone bill for all those texts.

    “quak qak qack”



  2. Cookie Said,

    The manky yarn did this to you, didn’t it?

  3. Cheryl S. Said,

    It was definitely the manky yarn.

  4. Sarah Said,

    Best protest I’ve seen all day! xo