1. R.I.P.
    If you liked the colors, I’d say finish and frame it. But if you don’t, why keep looking at it? (Though it does look like you did a lovely job.) It’s already an accomplishment – you did a great stranded colorwork swatch, with lovely floats.

    On the other hand, you could finish it as just a tube, and put it on a tabletop or fireplace mantle, and put tchotchkes on it.

  2. Finish it and hang it from the mantel every Christmas Eve. You never know, Santa (or Cookie) might fill it.

  3. There’s already a tiny sign of trouble but we’ll have to see how it’s handled.

    Maybe you could ask the fat jealous bitches what they think. They seem to have all the time in the world and LOVE telling people how to live and shit.

    Btw, even I kind of like the button. :p

    Happy New Year!

  4. paulah

    I remember when you picked out the colors (was that 2011???) & thought they were beautiful. I like the scarf idea. But if you aren’t happy with it – rip it. And YES, we have beer AND wine now. I am one happy lush. 😮

  5. I briefly considered a 2012 recap, but then I realized it would be best to just move along, nothing to see here, kids. Not that it was all bad, but that much thinking started to hurt my brain when I am having trouble keeping track of today.

    I guess I’d rip it if I disliked the colors because I would not want to look at it anymore. Then again, sometimes I wait because I will like the colors again when I am no longer working on it. I’m not really any help.

    I’ve already found my way into two -alongs that are about to start and am still finishing other obligations, or I just might join in. I love that button, but I might need her to let me know when she’s made me do something. I don’t always realize it when it is happening, or even afterwards sometimes. I’m not sure if that is just because I am weak or she is strong. xoxo

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