I spy something pink


Someone has a bit of a hat fetish. At least he’s not stealing mine anymore.


The mitten is finished. I’m taking Katherine’s advice and using it as a “stocking” next year. If I can find it once I put it away.


There were no instructions regarding the thumb, so I just continued the pattern up the front side and did alternating color on the back. I realized about halfway through that I should have extended the pattern on the side a couple of stitches. There was to be no ripping at that point.

Live and learn.


Look at all that potential. Since CMMDI, I’ve picked these options out for mittens. I can do color work, cabled, plain or bulkier. The red would probably be fastest and might be wearable before we hit 67 degrees next week.

However, the pink would round out the pink hats and scarves I have. The blue and gray would be pretty in color work and of course, it would be nice to knit with some manky yarn.

what decisions are you making today?

Happy Thursday y’all!

5 thoughts on “I spy something pink

  1. If I were making rational decisions today I would have decided to stay in bed. Why not red and gray colorwork mittens?

  2. 67? It’s warming up! I love the hat and mittens. The thumb is perfect. Why not make it a pair? I mean, other than the work involved. And the possible impossibility of doing stranded knitting. Never mind.

  3. Okay fine, never mind. About the eggs and the second mitten. Clearly I need to Catch Up first. But we really ARE a chatty bunch. And it’s probably been eons since I’ve really been caught up.

  4. Hooray for finishing! Those are some beautiful and varied options. I’m not quite ready to make decisions today, but I do have a cup of coffee beside me and that should facilitate the matter. xo

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