1. Sorry the oral meds haven’t worked… best of luck with the infusion.

  2. Who knew my German was pretty good? o.O

    Keeping fingers crossed this procedure does work.

    Was it that crazy lady? Did someone finally set her on fire?

  3. Does everyone have a crazy lady but me?
    I had to look to see the black spots – I just assumed they were shadows.
    Good luck with the infusion. It sounds “fun”. Today I got to learn about placenta capsules.

  4. Who is Johnny? I’m confused. (Okay, purposely, but I’m Not Working. And I really Should Be.)

    Bah, too bad about the oral meds not doing their thing. Crossing fingers the infusion does, and PDQ.

  5. Kitten – if you don’t have a crazy lady…….you are the crazy lady.

  6. It does seem to work that way with the warming knits and the warming weather.

    I hope you do not have to wait long for your appointment so that the treatment can do its good stuff for you. xoxox

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