What’s the big… I say, what’s the big idea

I finally found out what February was for. Vests! Or not.

There was also a mention of finishing some shawls that are laying around. So, I say it’s February Finishes. February FO’s? Ummm… something like that. I’m not sure, but I’m going to blame Cookie and still call it:

made me

I have a mitt to finish for the whole NaKniMitMo thing, but tomorrow I should be able to get a list of started stuff I have hanging around.

Or should I do a spreadsheet? *snerk*

Would the month of finishing mean I couldn’t work on anything else? If so, would it be completely crazy to cast on a bunch of stuff today?  Of course, crazy is my middle name.  Did I just answer my own question?


Want another question? Here’s the state of the last mitt. Do you think I can finish it today?

Happy Wednesday y’all!

5 thoughts on “What’s the big… I say, what’s the big idea

  1. Oh, yeah. I had forgotten about ol’ Vestuary.

    Those are good questions about the rules for February Finishes/FOs. I figure you better cast on for something new today just in case. You could totally leave that last mitt alone and it would be a quick finish for February.

    I think I might be in for this one. I just did a mental (be nice) check of the things I have going, and it would be great to finish them in February.

    Of course you can finish it. I know you can do it. xoxox

  2. Why do I suddenly feel a lot of pressure? Hmmmm…

    You know me. Knit. Don’t knit. Just check in occasionally so I know you’re not dead. :p

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