1. Meh. I’m not so much of a vest person. It’s usually my arms that are cold.

    February Finishes works for me.

  2. Oh, yeah. I had forgotten about ol’ Vestuary.

    Those are good questions about the rules for February Finishes/FOs. I figure you better cast on for something new today just in case. You could totally leave that last mitt alone and it would be a quick finish for February.

    I think I might be in for this one. I just did a mental (be nice) check of the things I have going, and it would be great to finish them in February.

    Of course you can finish it. I know you can do it. xoxox

  3. Why do I suddenly feel a lot of pressure? Hmmmm…

    You know me. Knit. Don’t knit. Just check in occasionally so I know you’re not dead. :p

  4. I look terrible in vests. The only thing I’m finishing in February is this pregnancy. And several bottles of wine.

  5. Yes. Did you? (Finish the mitt.)

    Cookie is usually to blame. She’s like that.

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