February Finishes

Imagine my surprise when I realized the 30th wasn’t the last day of January.  Doh!

Wednesday turned out to be egg washing day.  I had already decided that I wouldn’t pressure myself to knock those mitts out since I knew I wasn’t going to have enough time.

And then came the 31st. Hello bonus day!  More time to get my head wrapped around what I wanted to do. (sorry, no spreadsheets for you OCD types out there)

feb finish

I know I probably won’t finish the sweater, but hopefully it will get some needle time. I started the cowl to match the mitts, and to have something mindless to work on. (hopefully while in an infusion chair – yes, still waiting)  I’ve been knitting those damn socks since July and want to finish them before that month comes around again.

Then we have the CookieSpun.  I want to knit something with it. I’ve cast on and ripped two projects with it already. It doesn’t really seem to like being lace. I don’t think it wants to be socks either. I’ve been trying to listen to it, but it’s being stubborn and won’t tell me what it wants to be.

No pressure, just a plan.

Do you have something you want to finish this month?

Happy Friday y’all!

4 thoughts on “February Finishes

  1. I have two BIG projects on the needles, so I don’t think either of them will get finished. But I may have accidentally ordered some yarn yesterday for what should hopefully be a quick, easy sweater on big needles.

  2. I spun yarn? o.O

    I’m still trying to finish those German socks. The charm wore off a while ago. Up next will be lace with a side of boring sock.

    I think.

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