Proof of life


I am one warm and coordinated fool. Even my nail polish matches. (Gunmetal if you were wondering)  I am quite thankful for the whole Cookie Made Me Do It thingy. Straight up worsted wool knits are making this cold snap from hell bearable. I was thinking of making a matching set of origami slippers. Or not.

Have you picked a project for March yet?

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Tuesday was infusion day and I actually got a couple of short naps in this time. I guess because I knew what was going to happen and was less stressed. As long as I’m not an “early B cell populator” I won’t have to do this again until August.  Yea!

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rare 2013

 Today is Rare Disease Day. There are approximately 6000-8000 rare and orphan diseases out there. All y’all know I have NMO. Of course I’m going to ask you to donate to GJCF if you can.  (heck, if you know anyone who is dealing with any disease, donate for them). Or just do something nice for them. A call, visit, text or email can make a world of difference.

How common is NMO?
Based on recent epidemiologic reports, there are an estimated 4,000 cases in the United States and a half million worldwide. As with many autoimmune conditions, females are affected by the disease more commonly than males, at an approximate ratio of 4:1. NMO can affect both children and adults.

Happy Thursday y’all. I’m heading back to bed, what are you doing?

5 thoughts on “Proof of life

  1. I think the B cells have learned their lesson and won’t step out of line again.
    Also, cute set!
    You LOOK good, regardless of how you feel. Does that count for anything? 😉

  2. I’m working. And it’s Saturday.

    Cookie’s right. It’s not an ensemble without socks. But I must say, you carry it off with grace and quiet dignity. Or matchy-matchy. 🙂

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