Purling Dervish

Now with half the Purling, and ten times the Dervish

The tractor is running!

Mar-18-2013 By Stacey

I spent some time on it yesterday when I got home from the lake.  I think I’m happy about that. It will be even better once someone replaces the old seat. It’s a tad bouncy for my bad discs.

I forgot about that part and may have done too much.


Today, while I am recovering, I’m playing Fire Marshal Squishy. I was a bad blogger and forgot to take before pictures of this section. I did get pictures of the next part, but I doubt we’ll get to burning that today.

Well, he kind of set fire to all of the underbrush. *ahem* Apparently I failed as a fire marshal.  Next time, I’ll make him go to the house for drinks.

Or take the accelerant and matches with me.

What did you do today?


  1. Cookie Said,


    Today, I talked on the phone. o.O

  2. Joy Said,

    At first I thought it was foggy 😉 DO be careful with the back – I know how bouncy those tractor seats can be!

  3. Cheryl S. Said,

    Remember. Only YOU can prevent forest fires.

  4. Kitten Said,

    I burned weeds too! Yippee!! Alas, I only had a small propane wand and didn’t actually set anything alight, but it was still entertaining. I did wish (a LOT) that I could burn the big piles of dead leaves in the yard, though…

  5. Marilyn Said,

    You have green grass??? And trees budding out??? Jealous. We have SNOW! Ugh.

  6. Sarah Said,

    You win at fire marshal compared to the neighbors here. They are constantly burning horrible plastic-y crap.