CarrieK said pics or it didn’t happen. For the first few weeks, they don’t really photograph well. ┬áSo, I present to you George and her first litter of little ones. They are HUGE! At least compared to Houdini’s. Of course, George only had five, compared to Dini’s nine.

I’ll get pictures of the others as soon as they’re all out of the nesting box.

Today, I’ll be resting. Texas said so. hahaha snort ahhahah *ahem*

I have yarn, needles and the pattern sitting out. We’ll see if I actually pick them up. Because your idea of “resting” usually ends up being a nap for me. As someone wise once said “you can never get enough sleep”. Or something close to that.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

4 thoughts on “Bunnahs!

  1. Awwww! They’re so sweet!

    I consider myself productive when I gather the yarn, needles, pattern, and then nap. I hope you got the rest that you need and are feeling refreshed! xoxo

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