Yellow is my favorite color

For farm implements… and not counting Ford tractor blue.


Shiny new tiller in the back of the truck and a box grader/cutter thingy draging behind the tractor.

I’m just thankful that I’m a sensible Pennsylvania girl and refused to listen to Texas. Otherwise, our plants would be frozen to death. With these freezing temperatures the last few nights, and below freezing coming up (unseasonable), our seedlings have been safely inside the warm house. Also VERY thankful that I still had the woolens out.

We shall not talk of the day I put on the pretty pink shawl she knit me and rode around on the tractor. I was feeling very Green Acres.

What you can’t see in the picture is the brand new tractor seat my MIL got me for my birthday. It’s all padded and has air control springs and is all highfalutin’.  Just what I need to keep my back happy.

Most of today was spent running around doing farm paperwork, so I haven’t gotten to play with any of the new toys. So not fair!!!

Happy Monday y’all!

6 thoughts on “Yellow is my favorite color

  1. Farm machinery has lots of pretty colors…blue, yellow, red. And green. Green with yellow trim are the main ones around our place. 😀
    Glad to hear you got a comfortable seat for your tractor!

  2. Frosty seedlings would have been very sad. Memorial Day is a safe day for plants up here. O.o

    Pretty fancy tractor seat!

  3. Woo hoo!

    There’s a 1950’s tractor in the area that I covet. I might even consider taking on a ten acre homestead for it. I know… crazy talk.

  4. C’mon, you gotta get a farm implement of every color! Hooray for the new seat! Good luck with First Monday! I hope the hatching happened. xo

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