1. Farm machinery has lots of pretty colors…blue, yellow, red. And green. Green with yellow trim are the main ones around our place. 😀
    Glad to hear you got a comfortable seat for your tractor!

  2. Frosty seedlings would have been very sad. Memorial Day is a safe day for plants up here. O.o

    Pretty fancy tractor seat!

  3. Cookie

    Woo hoo!

    There’s a 1950’s tractor in the area that I covet. I might even consider taking on a ten acre homestead for it. I know… crazy talk.

  4. What happened to your MIL that she’s buying you presents?!
    Your tractor matches my handbag and my sheets.

  5. C’mon, you gotta get a farm implement of every color! Hooray for the new seat! Good luck with First Monday! I hope the hatching happened. xo

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