10-part review of the Verismo

Or not.

Unless saying LOVE♥ 10 days in a row will count. It is much better tasting than the blends made for the Keurig. Oddly enough, we haven’t used the other machine since I got the Verismo. If you’re a Starbucks fan, it’s worth the money for the machine.

∞ ∞  ∞

made me

In CMMDI news, I did knit this month! They are containers… in a twisted kind of way. Everyone will have to wait for details until they reach their new home. I’m not sure there is a plan for May yet, but she’s been living life over there. Maybe I’ll just do what I want and blame her per usual.

I know June, July and August, I’m just going to blame SoS ’13. I’ve even decided to wind up bunches of sock yarn and put them in paper bags, so it’s like my own little mystery/sock club. They may also end up not being socks. Because I don’t like rules.

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One of these things is not like the other.

image image

I was the driving force behind just buying the darn thing. Besides being less expensive than wood, someone came and built it. It was wonderful to just sit back and watch it all come together… in 2 hours instead of 2 weeks. Now, it is going to be all about building the stalls inside and running electricity.

Besides the calf and goats having a new home, the baby chicks and ducks will no longer be in the house. You citified people have NO IDEA the joy that comes just from typing the last half of that sentence.

∞ ∞  ∞

What are you doing on this freezing Wednesday?

4 thoughts on “10-part review of the Verismo

  1. Love the barn! Your animals will too.
    Totally understand the joy of the last 1/2 of the sentence! P.U.
    I’m doing a happy dance because it is sunny here instead of the snow that was forecast! Not warm but at least sunny…

  2. Love the new barn. Those other-people-put’em-up are the best kind.

    Well, since it is now sunny Thursday….yesterday on Sunny Wednesday, I worked my last day on-site at a bank in a basement. o.O Wooot! Three more days……

  3. Love a barn that can’t burn down.

    She’s in too much pain to knit. Don’t make her start calling you a guinea pig. Because you know she will.

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