1. Love the barn! Your animals will too.
    Totally understand the joy of the last 1/2 of the sentence! P.U.
    I’m doing a happy dance because it is sunny here instead of the snow that was forecast! Not warm but at least sunny…

  2. Kitten

    Sweating. We’re in the 90s this week. Barn kit! IKEA barn?

  3. Love the new barn. Those other-people-put’em-up are the best kind.

    Well, since it is now sunny Thursday….yesterday on Sunny Wednesday, I worked my last day on-site at a bank in a basement. o.O Wooot! Three more days……

  4. Love a barn that can’t burn down.

    She’s in too much pain to knit. Don’t make her start calling you a guinea pig. Because you know she will.

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