Today, I am…

Stealing . . . this from Debbie, who in turn stole it from Margene

Reading . . . Plowing with Pigs. Umm, yeah. Crazy, party all the time, CA girl is all up in this farming schtuff. My nook library has gone from all leisure, all the time to farming and educational titles.  I may have to remedy that.

Knitting . . . socks. Been on the needle for almost a year and not even done with the first one, socks.

Spinning. . . I have a wheel? Or a spindle? Reeeeealy.

Listening to. . .  Merry Go ‘Round by Kacey Musgraves. Local (ish) girl done good. Plus who can resist an album named “Same trailer, different park”?

Thinking about . . . fencing. More and more and more fencing. ALL the fencing.

Dreading . . . making Cheddar a steer.

Planning . . . my next idea of course. Trying to figure out if I’ll be needing the bail fund.

Excited about . . . going to the lake this week!

Drinking . . . coffee.

Itching to . . . cast on with some yarn I just dyed.

Needing to . . . build the stalls for the goats and calf

Organizing . . . his tools. So the back room can become a room again and not a gathering place for wood and tools and hardware.

Happy Thursday y’all! What are you doing on the fine Pre-Friday?

2 thoughts on “Today

  1. Sounds busy at your place! You really are going to want to steerify Cheddar even if it seems dreadful….they aren’t much fun to have around otherwise. o.0 Although they do grow bigger and better if left intact…
    What I’m doing is wondering if the brick/stone store is open on Saturday or if we have to go there tomorrow.
    Happy Weekend!!

  2. Did you fix him yet?

    Plowing w/Pigs made me think of two very different things at the same time.

    In shocking news, I’m going to hell.

    This weekend? I think I have to rest my hands. So much for yard work…

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