I wish I were a little bar of soap!

Project info here.

They look like they need a little blocking, but they’re washcloths for pity’s sake! I had to go down to a US7 from a US 9 and add some repeats. They’ll do for warshing mah face. The cotton was actually nice to work with (Hobby Lobby, I Love This Cotton) and I may be looking at other patterns. What?!? People need washcloths.

While we’re heading down that crazy path, the pattern is by Tammy from Go-Girl Knitting. I was having a thing that weekend.  It usually happens whenever I spend time with Nacogdoches.

Stop laughing!

Fine! I often have “things”. Are you happy now?

After a lazy mail person not wanting to get out of their car slight mix up, I finally got my Little Giants*.

Cow used for size reference. O.o

Let Mega May commence!!!

Happy Friday y’all!

*Can I just say that the shopping experience was wonderful? Communication was excellent and I wasn’t disappointed. She even sent an email with a picture of my colors before  making them and another before they shipped. C’mon, you know you want to go buy a pair. Maybe a set?

7 thoughts on “I wish I were a little bar of soap!

  1. That is the first time ever I’ve seen a cow used for reference. And oh my!!

    Those washcloths are adorable!! People do need washcloths. And they’re fun to knit.

  2. Such pretty colors on the washcloths. And pretty pattern too…
    Now those are honking big needles. They make calfie look little…oh btw did you turn calfie from a boy to an it?
    Have a good weekend…

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