1. That is the first time ever I’ve seen a cow used for reference. And oh my!!

    Those washcloths are adorable!! People do need washcloths. And they’re fun to knit.

  2. Bigger than a bread box….. My goodness!

    Nice warsh cloths!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Such pretty colors on the washcloths. And pretty pattern too…
    Now those are honking big needles. They make calfie look little…oh btw did you turn calfie from a boy to an it?
    Have a good weekend…

  4. Having serious deja vu over the reference cow. I might need sleep.

  5. Are you sure those aren’t fenceposts?

    Hi Cheddar!! (Such a cutie)

  6. He’s such a pretty steak…

    Yeah, lots of things alright. o.O

  7. Warsh cloths are almost too purty to use 😉 Calf is adorable – Jersey, or at least partly?

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