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CMMDI – Mega May

May-11-2013 By Stacey

made me

While some people are busy doing huge lace projects, I’m going for the quick and easy.

Pattern: Giant Rug by Go-Girl Knitting (kind of)

Yarn: 1/2″ Cotton Piping

Needles: US120


  • Cast on: 5/10/13  7:19 p.m
  • Cast off: 5/10/13  9:34 p.m.


  • Cast on:  5/11/13  8:34 am
  • Cast off: 5/11/13  10:01 am

Yep. Two FO’s in under 24 hours. Well, besides the fact that I think I want to dye them.  Texas loves the squishiness of the rugs. He even mentioned the possibility of me making a seat cushion for him. I however, am done with the cotton piping for a while. That stuff gets h.e.a.v.y!

Besides, I want to make a big rug for the end of the bed now. That may involve purchasing a pair of the original Giants.

I know. I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole.

Just for Carrie K., goats for size comparison.

Happy weekend y’all!

  1. Marilyn Said,

    How fun is that!! I’m afraid my May may not have any mega to it…just mega workload… o.0 Love your rugs!

  2. Cookie Said,

    My hands ache just looking at that stuff!

    I knit? Are you sure?!

  3. kmkat Said,

    Love your size comparisons!

  4. Kitten Said,

    I think the rugs should be placed on the llama for size comparison. (Go get one.)

  5. Cheryl S. Said,

    I’m not sure how “easy” those are to use, but I guess at least they were click.

    And yes, what Kitten said.

  6. Angie Said,

    Knitting as full-body exercise, who knew? 😀

    Look at all those goats!!! What kind are they?

  7. Carrie#K Said,

    OMG, those needles are bigger than a herd of goats!!!