The crazy train has left the station.

If she tells you something, you may as well listen to her. She is usually right.

2013-05-19 14.03.27

That poorly lit picture is one ball of crocheted chain. To give myself credit, I finished one. The thought of making 9 more made me want to give myself a lobotomy with the crochet hook.

Sooooo, I’ve done nothing since.  Not a stitch on anything. If I use the giant needles, there is still hope to get something else done for Mega May.

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made me

However, Summer of Socks is here! That is going to be the bulk of my CMMDI for the WHOLE summer. I like that there is no competition this year. It reminds me when it started and it was just a bunch of bloggers connecting through knitting socks together. I love relaxed, no pressure things.

We’re also going to blame her for any spinning done during the Tour de Fleece. If you do that kind of thing.

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I chipped a tooth last night. On a piece of bacon.

Yeah. Think about that.

It was thick and over cooked (most likely reheated in the microwave). Actually, it was more like broke the filling and a little piece of tooth. Also, it is a tooth I had filled more than 20 years ago.  (am I really old enough to say 20 years ago?)

Someone offered to hold a prayer circle and perhaps sing Kumbaya.  *snort*

That is when I actually go to the dentist. I called 9 places today and they were either closed or closing early and couldn’t fit me in. Small towns and holiday weekends.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Here is something to think about for later in the summer/ early fall. I’ve been playing with my looms a bit  and we may need to blame her for some type of weave along. That is if I can pressure Angie (and anyone else who has one to play with).  I’m using the term loom loosely. Rigid heddle, inkle, weavette, knitting, loop, or just a piece of cardboard.

Today, I’m going to indulge myself with a Real Housewives of New Jersey marathon.  It makes my life feel much less crazy. Hopefully, I’ll pick up some sticks and string and have something to show for it by Monday.

What are you doing this weekend?

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Happy weekend y’all!

6 thoughts on “The crazy train has left the station.

  1. I think the crochet chain yarn will look extremely cool when it’s knit up…just sayin’. 😉
    I chipped a tooth on (crispy) hash browns once…I don’t think the dentist believed me when I told him. Hope your tooth isn’t hurting!
    Weaving…I’ve thought about getting into that…

  2. Old and wise. I keep telling you people!

    I will be spending the weekend not going to Best Buy and looking forward to seeing Dane the car dude yet again. o.O

    Did you hear that thing on NPR about people feeding pigs weed in order to get pot bacon? White folks…

  3. I think you would need some good TV for the next 9 balls. However, the first one does look pretty cool.

    Heh, I have, in fact, been calculating warp and weft of a cotton chenille-like yarn for a rigid heddle project. That’s going on the loom as soon as I finish shoveling. Or rather, when I can lift my arms after shoveling. 😀

    Darn that bacon! I hope you had some success with getting a dentist to take your money.

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