Sunday Sock – Snowflake Edition

Since some people are out having a life and there are socks in a box somewhere, I’m leading the Sunday Sock parade this week. But not stealing it, I did speak to her first. Swears!

It was either this or more farm animals.

Yeah, so, um… none are finished. But you know I had to share the crazy/ speshulness. I cast on for  the tan and white ones last Monday. I’m working on the heel now.  The plain stockinette blue ones are soul suckers, but I would really like to finish the pair and made myself cast on the second sock. However, I needed something semi-interesting, non-soul sucking, and yet easy to remember, so I cast on for Crusoe on Wednesday.

I’m not really following any of the directional directions on any of the socks. Toe up, magic cast on and CCSR heels.

Did I mention that when the little old geezer nice man put on my donut, he didn’t tighten all of the lug nuts quite enough and I lost some on the ride home?  We’ve determined that I have a speshul snowflake car, so that might have had something to do with it.  I’m hoping the new tires make it in tomorrow so I can have my car back.  No matter how snowflake she is, I love her.*

How are your socks going?

Have a happy Sockday y’all!

*If only you knew how many people/things that applied to in my life.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Sock – Snowflake Edition

  1. Some of the lug nuts fell off!?! You must have an angel riding along with you in your snowflake car…
    No sock knitting here but am thinking about frogging and starting afresh. 😀

  2. That happened to Rick once, but he lost all of them, going some ridiculous speed in his snazzy SuperBee, and spun off the road and stopped about 6 inches short of a stand of trees.

    I like your socks. I like the colors better than my socks. My socks are Christmas present socks and I hates them, and I haven’t even started knitting them yet.

  3. I hates the car troubles. I hope you get your new tires pronto.

    I do think I will get another (circular) needle for the other sock……

  4. Car troubles, bah. I’m echoing the others with – the lugnuts fell off? Good God.

    Aren’t we all speshul snoflaks? Unique, just like everyone else.

    Crusoe looks intriguing. I will have to get to at least the SSS before I try it though. Or I won’t even get that far.

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