Do people still blog?

Here she is on her first tow. Doesn’t the Princess look so sad?


For those of you not following along on Facebook, my alternator belt exploded the other day. Luckily, I have a MIL that knows how to work on cars. She replaced both belts before Texas got home from work, so all he had to do was run a compression check to make sure that I hadn’t killed my engine too.

On the plus side, she now has pretty, sparkly silver writing on her outlining the path of the belts. I think that’s a plus side.


Pre-cut. The orange is left over from last time, the hot pink is new. I walked out of there with a fauxhawk. Which no one will get to see until I bring my eyebrows back under control. I can’t wait to play with it today and see what else it does.

Can I also mention that less hair just leaves you with nothing to soak up the sweat? I’ve picked up a couple of cute headbands and will be on the lookout for more.

Still plugging away on socks. I may have something to post about this Sunday. However, I was distracted by a trip to Hobby Lobby (only because they have an awesomly soft cotton that makes fabulous face cloths and isn’t hard on your hands) and ended up coming home with this:

It was bright and cheery on a day I needed bright and cheery.  It makes me smile looking at it.

In other news, I am out of the good coffee. I told Texas to tell his boss that I am being forced to drink inferior coffee and I’m pretty damn sure that demons are pulling the wings off of angels somewhere today because of it.

I’m hoping he gets the hint and brings some home from work today.

What is making you smile today?

7 thoughts on “Do people still blog?

  1. Your frogs made me smile! Also your sweet haircut and color. Kinda wish I were wild enough to do that, but I know myself and I am most definitely NOT that wild.

    Heat wave is breaking today. That is making everyone in MN and WI smile.

  2. Dahlias. Your new color reminds me of dahlias. I hope the Princess is feeling good and sassy now.

    Love the colors in the tree frogs! Very cheery.


  3. Yer hair is awesome. I have fabric like that groggy picture. Three yards, if not more. I will never use it because I can’t stand to cut a single groggy, they are all so cute.

  4. Yeah, I still blog, but not well, but I am trying.

    Ack! I hope the compression check had happy results.

    Have fun playing with your new hair.

    What cotton is it that does not hurt hands? Are you making headbands from it, too?

    I hope you get to smile today! xo

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