I think I was hit by a bus*


SoS ’13 is winding down. YEAH!!! I am one repeat and some ribbing from finishing one pair, have one footie completed and I finished the pair I started during SoS ’12.  Not bad for the arm. (Which I am going to address with a doctor, after much gnashing, wailing and denial)

made me

With that done, (and eating up 3 months of the year) we needed a plan. So for the September portion of Cookie Made Me Do It, after much** discussion, we’re veering down a different kind of fiber path. Needlework.

Needlework is a broad term for the handicrafts of decorative sewing and textile arts. Anything that uses a needle for construction can be called needlework. The definition may expand to include related textile crafts such as a crochet hook, or tatting shuttles.

Since the definition of it is pretty broad, all y’all can play along. You! Yes! I am talking to you.

Embroidery, cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, and I think even weavettes should count since you use a needle to weave. Right?!?  And if we’re going down that road, since a crochet hook counts, couldn’t we technically say an orifice hook and some wool counts too?

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

In other news, I really need to stop watching Monsters Inside Me. Or I need to make other people watch it with me. (They’re showing 5 or 6 in a row today) It’s interesting and informative, but DUDE!  People who may have certain tendencies for cleanliness probably shouldn’t watch it.

* It’s either the infusion, or someone actually did throw me under the bus somewhere. Just sayin’

**If by much, I mean one blog comment and an e-mail or two. Oh, and not actually asking Cookie this time since she’s busy and tired over there.

5 thoughts on “I think I was hit by a bus*

  1. Oh my.

    Maybe I’ll find my punch needle set-up. Since there are no new socks to show.

    And I’m NOT EVEN clicking on that Monsters link. I have too active of an imagination as it is.

  2. WooHoo! I’m ahead of the game for once! I’ve been embroidering and might just keep on keeping on. 😀
    Hope you feel better soon…I suggest a Sunday afternoon nap.

  3. I was actually thinking just yesterday about digging out that cross stitch and finishing it for my SIL. I think I threatened to send you a cross stitch kit too, once upon a time…wonder where those ended up when I moved?

  4. Oooh! I can’t wait to see what you choose! I guess that since I am knitting, I am with you on this, but it just doesn’t feel like it counts. Or is it one of those, if you can find any sort of connection, it counts type of things? I always feel like I’m cheating on things like that, but, well, the guilt, I haz it.

    Also, thinking the best for you in addressing the arm with the doctor. xoxo

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