Sunday sky and other unsavory things

It’s faux fall over here. I can wear my zip hoodie in the morning and am reduced to hiding from the mid- to upper 90’s during the day. Some lucky people have snow in their area. Or it’s cold enough to wear hand knits. While that sky may look like rain, they’re saying no more. At least those clouds might keep it cool today.

If someone (aka Texas) doesn’t stop playing “I Love It” I may have to repossess his laptop and iPod. Especially when he plays it at 6 a.m.


So far, I have failed at the super secret knitting thing. I have everything together, I just haven’t worked on it. The half finished, semi-disemboweled bunny is sitting on the coffee table mocking me every time I think about working on something else.

We may or may not be mentioning that whole CMMDI embroidery thing later in the week. Does anyone remember what October was for?

So, how is your weekend going?

6 thoughts on “Sunday sky and other unsavory things

  1. Um, October is for, uhh, leaves? Tearing up the garden? Finishing a sweater? Having a loom delivered? Posting something to my blog? Oh, I know! I know!

  2. That’s a pelican right? I’ve tried and tried to get a pelican picture and never can. How’d you do it??
    I’m still embroidering dishtowels but have to quit it soon and finish some stranded mittens for 2nd DS and another pair for my sister…. o.0

  3. Snow? Who has snow? Nowhere near that chilly here in northern WI. That could change overnight, but so far, so good.

    October is for remembering why we knit.

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