Random Tuesday Ramblings

I have finally caught up on my feed reader thing today. It may have involved skimming and deleting, but I’m at a zero count, so it works for me.

I have no idea what to do with the living room at the apartment. My furniture will not fit ( I’m going to torch the love seat anyway) and I’m really not finding anything that suits my fancy.

There are surprisingly little “apartment sounds”, but I’m still finding it hard to sleep well. I may have to purchase a topper for the mattress. It has a pillow top, but it is still quite firm. It suits Texas, but not me.

I’m spending the night again at the apartment, but I really do have to go back to the farm and pack up more schtuff.  You’d be amazed at the amount of crap I’m throwing out. If I haven’t touched it in the two years we’ve been at the farm, it’s out of here.

Except for the yarn. Because, well, that would just be silly.  I did contemplate a de-stash sale. For about a minute. I think there will be far more opportunities for meeting people and hanging out with the knitting. Being challenged by others instead of just letting things languish. I’ve already been invited to a weekly spin thing at a friend of a friend’s house.

I think moving may be good for the soul. Not the crazy making of actually having to pack and move, but the decluttering is rather freeing.  Looking at that odd Hawaiian shirt salt and pepper shaker set and wondering if it is really going to follow me again. (It is not) Picking up the inkle loom and deciding that, yes, it is something I want to work on since I’ll have more time.

Of course, it doesn’t help that patient day made me all moody and introspective on top of the moving crazy.  I don’t know if the Rituxan will work or if I’ll wake up blind or paralyzed (or hell, hit by a car crossing the street) and damn it! There are things I want to do and enjoy and see and discover while I still can. Sometimes I forget and get bogged down in the detritus of every day life.

Happy Tuesday y’all! L’Chaim!

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Ramblings

  1. Decluttering is definitely freeing! The more stuff I get rid of, the better I feel. (After the initial pain, anyway!)

    I think you should take a photo of the S&P set and blog it. Then you’ll have the memory of it enshrined.

  2. I’m with Cheryl. Decluttering lifts a weight from your shoulders. And a S&P blog post would be fun!
    Sometimes you need to skip the day to day things and even just take a day or so for discovering local things. One of our best memories is a little day trip we took as a family on a whim. Go for it!

  3. Bogged down? Oh, honey, join the club.

    I agree with the ladies, but you knew that. The stuff weighs us down and can slow us down. Keeping what matters is the important thing, yes? More time is always a plus.

  4. Decluttering is always worth it. It frees up more than space. Wait, you moved? .. Well [redacted for bad language]. Yikes. Time does fly. I missed the contest! That’s actually what scares me – how fast time gets away from me.

    Happy thanksgiving! I assume you’re shopping on this lovely Black Friday?

  5. Except for heavy lifting and packing, I find moving (and traveling) to be excellent for defining new perspectives and affirming (or remembering!) life attitudes and goals. I’m glad you’re finding that with this move. And Indian restaurants. 😀

    I wonder if the bedroom is dark enough? That makes a difference to me when I sleep in the city.


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