We’ll, there is that


Squash Blossoms, dyed with Nacogdoches and a bunch of the Knotty Girls in June of 2012. Put on the loom on the tenth of the same month.


Squash Blossoms, woven and taken off the 5 foot tri-loom this past Monday. Yarn held double because it is only sock weight. I think I am going to add a simple crochet edging to finish it off. Tri-looms don’t travel well all put together.

I still have about two skeins left and don’t know if I should start something new now, while Texas is sleeping (he’s on 3rd this week), or just tuck them away until later. We’re expecting a 50 degree drop in temperature between today and Friday, so perhaps I should be digging for bulky yarn and cranking out anything I can.

I was a little worried about doing apartment living after so long, but it really isn’t that bad. The walls are thick and I’m not sure that someone even lives upstairs. Of course, we still have things to move and aren’t really settled in yet, but we’ll get there. It certainly is a new adventure.

Happy December y’all! Stay warm.

4 thoughts on “We’ll, there is that

  1. You want I should make you a hat and matching socks with that yarn?

    I’m so glad the transition is going well. Must be quite a change after all this time.

  2. That is lovely yarn! Pics of the finished shawl when you can. I’m glad you can’t hear the folks upstairs–that can be one of the worst things of layered living quarters.

    Warming up yet?

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