1. Your sock is so pretty! If I make it I’ll use turquoise for the contrast and red for the rest! Calf fries sound so yummy!!

  2. I honestly cannot imagine how you’ve managed without a washer/dryer. o.O

  3. The socks are sweet!
    Your own washer & dryer are the best. I can only imagine what goes on in public laundromats. o.0
    And what IS a calf fry?

  4. Thank Bob I’m not the only one asking about calf fries. My only defense is I was flued up.

    I guess you do knit! Pretty! Oh, I have never ever ever liked public laundromats. Yay for having your own in-house. Or apt. Whatever.

    Be glad you are down there. It is really too darn cold up here. You’ll have to come up and chip me out in April. o.O

  5. I got a new washer and dryer last June, and I still get a little thrill when I do the laundry. Brand-new Samsung pair is sooo much better than the circa-1976 harvest gold Whirlpools.

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