1. Wow – that’s awesome about the jiu jitsu and how well it’s going. Best of all is that you look forward to going!

    The socks look great.

  2. “an awesome Canadian designer” <- Thanks for the chuckle and the shout out. And for keeping me company during the Super Bowl last night.

    Your mystery socks are looking great. Not that I'd say anything uncomplimentary to someone who knows Jiu Jiujitsu. 😉 8% = awesome!

  3. The socks are looking great!
    8%?? Wow! I’m impressed.
    I did a little Ravelry search for Valentine Socks and there are all kinds of lacey heart sock patterns just perfect for such pretty red yarn. :)

  4. The socks look very pretty!

    Jiu jitsu sounds like a match and go you on the 8%! I’ve got one of the scales and that is a sig achievement.

    You better find that sweater, young lady……..

  5. Those are some socks! Isn’t that Canadian sock designer fabulous?

    I am so proud of you! And all without a prayer circle or becoming obsessed with someone with their own prayer circle. Do you need to rethink the size of that alleged sweater? 😀

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