1. Sweater! Yay!

    Larry hates going to the grocery store without me. He is paralyzed with the choices and doesn’t want to bring home the wrong thing. I think there are some smartphone apps where you can save pictures of the items, or scan the bar codes. Maybe I need something like that.

    I shall be doing a washcloth as my Games project. Maybe I’ll even finish it.

  2. Wasn’t Cheryl going to knit a sweater?

    Why don’t men remember those details? Wilson likes me to write very detailed lists if he is shopping for us.

    I hope you feel super asap.

  3. Smith is the same type of shopper and I never send him unless it’s for a COUPLE of specific items . Men.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Send me the sock and I’ll pick up the stitches. It’s about the only thing that I do like about sock knitting. o.0
    I thought Cheryl was knitting a sweater with little skinny yarn and little skinny needles…
    Feel better soon.

  5. Flapper!

    Thank you for the laugh. I needed it. Have you ever thought of getting a case of those medical quality bleach wipes? Just a thought.

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