Hello Friday!

Did you know there are a bunch of designers donating proceeds from pattern sales during the Olympics? It is best explained here.

I was going to keep working on the Mystery Sock, but those people in that training camp group have made me pull out the sweater that I have been trying to ignore.


O.k. Fine! The socks themselves actually made me grab the sweater. This is my first heel flap since May of 2007.  Yes, seven years. I hate picking up the stitches on heel flaps and never seem to get it right. I made a mistake or two and this is the best looking side on this sock.  I need a timeout before facing the other one.

Reminders for me so I can remind Texas next time I send him to the store:

  • Meyer lemons are not the same as regular lemons. Yeah, they looked pretty, but they’re not the same.
  • Tide booster packs do not have detergent, so no, not the same as Tide pods.
  • Wax paper and parchment paper are not interchangeable for cooking.
  • Storage bags are not the same as freezer bags.
  • REGULAR half and half. Not fat free.
  • I did, however want the fat free greek yogurt.
  • Brand names don’t alway matter. Except for toilet paper and tissues. Hello, Puffs Plus with lotion and vitamins and all that other lovely goodness that leaves the skin on my nose.

One more thing I think I might need to drive home for him: If you think it’s allergies, it’s not. Just take the medicine, carry lysol, and stay away from me.

I am feeling mostly better today. I think one more day of rest will finally put this to rest. Of course, it might also help that Texas is in Austin. Which means his boy/plague germs aren’t circulating. I may have lysol’d and bleached the whole apartment when he left. Don’t tell him that. Mmmkay?

Happy Friday y’all! Are you knitting something today?

5 thoughts on “Hello Friday!

  1. Sweater! Yay!

    Larry hates going to the grocery store without me. He is paralyzed with the choices and doesn’t want to bring home the wrong thing. I think there are some smartphone apps where you can save pictures of the items, or scan the bar codes. Maybe I need something like that.

    I shall be doing a washcloth as my Games project. Maybe I’ll even finish it.

  2. Wasn’t Cheryl going to knit a sweater?

    Why don’t men remember those details? Wilson likes me to write very detailed lists if he is shopping for us.

    I hope you feel super asap.

  3. Send me the sock and I’ll pick up the stitches. It’s about the only thing that I do like about sock knitting. o.0
    I thought Cheryl was knitting a sweater with little skinny yarn and little skinny needles…
    Feel better soon.

  4. Flapper!

    Thank you for the laugh. I needed it. Have you ever thought of getting a case of those medical quality bleach wipes? Just a thought.

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