1. So is there a recipe for the Cheesesteak casserole or is it something you threw together? Cooks of the world want to know!
    Olympic knitting is wearing me down too. I’m gradually chipping away at all the rows on the body but it seems like it is taking FOREVER!!
    Happy Tuesday to you!!

  2. Yes, I have the same problem with silky wool. But I still like it anyway.

  3. Mmmmm, that looks good.

    Yay for better sleeping! We are getting a replacement treadmill this weekend, so I’m looking forward to getting in my walking/listening daily. I’ll work up to the Jui-bitsy stuff.

    Hard to fall asleep if you hit the floor. But seriously….if I’m seating and listening to a guided meditation, I’m pretty good. (or I used to be) On the bed, all bets are off as I get way too relaxed. Probably not a bad thing but missing the point, I think.

    I love the yarn but I’ve only swatched with it—not much of a test.

  4. I read that as “medication” and wondered the same thing.

    Respectable people do NOT eat bell peppers.

    There’s a reason I don’t knit with SilkyWool unless someone horrible is holding a gun to my head. Hello!

  5. That sounds like a super-yummy casserole.

    I did not know that about Silky Wool. Now I can let go of my feelings of jealousy for never having owned or knit with it.

    Hooray for the good things making you tired in good ways, and boo for the bad. Have you been meditating long? I always thought the falling asleep bit happened to everyone at first. xoxo

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