There was Rhinebeck

And here is my haul:


Not that I actually went to Rhinebeck. Anne was nice enough to do some shopping for me via texts and with some help from Cookie. I’ve been coveting Into the Whirled batts for a while and this year, the stars aligned.

I was doing this local dye day thing instead. I only have two things to say about it. 1) Stop touching my yarn! and 2) Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I KNOW how to dye yarn.


Maybe I do have a little more to say. Most of the ladies were nice and the hostess has an amazing collection of fiber tools. Also, my husband geek bonded with the hostess’ husband. What? You think I was going in alone? Hells no!

Then there was gay Halloween. Not as fun as last year because someone had a crappy attitude, but it still had it’s moments.


What are you doing for Halloween?

3 thoughts on “There was Rhinebeck

  1. I won’t be doing much. Probably watching a movie and waiting for the 5 or so kids who might come by for trick-or-treating. But since it’s on a Friday and probably good weather, maybe we’ll even get a dozen or so.

  2. Ooooh! Those batts are so pretty! Enjoy!

    I’m glad your dyeing day had many good parts to help make up for the annoying bits. I do believe I have had some similar experiences at other fiber-y gatherings, and you have my sympathies for the annoyances. I can picture it, and I think that same person wanders events worldwide doing that.

    Halloween here? Well, I’m going to find out whether we have much for trick-or-treaters in our new neighborhood. Our closest neighbor embraces his grumpy-old-man-get-off-my-lawn-ness and could not tell us because he turns off the lights and pretends he’s not at home. His answer was about what I expected, though I hoped he dedicated a small amount to time to observing what happens and could have told us more. I might have nieces and nephews over, but there seem to be some rounds of the crud circulating amongst them and and some of my siblings, and we are expecting the kind of weather that passes for winter around here, so who knows?

    Happy Halloweenie! xo

  3. That is going to make very pretty yarn! Love.
    For Halloween, I’m dressing as a witch to hand out candy. We maybe get 40-50 kids. I started handing out full size candy bars…if the word has spread around maybe we’ll get more. 🙂

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