The cold cometh


Since it’s been so cold, I’ve been diligently working on my sock yarn afghan. It’s been nice to sit underneath it as it grows. However, it is also a little boring.

I may have started another pair of socks. Yeah, yeah. I know I have three other pairs started. But they’re cotton! I needed a wool pair.

And someone to finish my WIP’s.

Whatever. It will give Texas something to figure out when I’m dead.

Happy Thursday y’all!

4 thoughts on “The cold cometh

  1. Oooh! Your blanket is looking great. I think one always needs something else to switch to when making an afghan, and wool socks are perhaps just the perfect thing. xo

  2. Also, if you find that WIP finisher, feel free to share 😉

    Also, I may be a bit emotional right now, so I feel like either fussing at you or hugging you over the morbid line. Probably I should just ignore my thoughts and feelings, but instead I’m just gonna go ahead and say that I’m pulling for you, m’dear. xoxox

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