For the 12th year of blogging…

…my true love gave to me…

A weekend camping and mostly unplugged. Kind of fitting, eh? 

I strolled through those first few months and WOW, was that painful!

I was a cross stitch blog, then knitting, then Squish, then farm, and then nothing for almost a full year. I’m not sure what kind of blog this is anymore. 

My first blog picture 

It seems like ravelry killed knit blogs. Most of the people I started following no longer have blogs. Margene and Cheryl are still around as well as a few of those North East people. Some people quit knitting. Some moved on to weaving and other crafty endeavors. In the past 12 years, I’ve met a few of y’all in person and I swear next year I am going to Alta to finally meet some of those Utah ladies. 

Because I am in a mood, I am going to give away a prize. (I was a comment whore in the beginning, and I apparently still am) Leave a comment letting me know how we met (blog, Ravelry, Facebook, Twitter, real life) and I will use a random number generator to give the winner their choice of :

1. The yarn and pattern for the baa-ble hat


2. A scarf woven by me


3. A skein of Beaverslide sock in Geranium and a Ravelry pattern.

Happy Saturday y’all!

8 thoughts on “For the 12th year of blogging…

  1. Oooooh! I love giveaways. We met on Ravelry during one of your fundraisers, I do believe.

    Enjoy your camping trip! You’re way braver than I. I prefer indoor plumbing.

  2. I “met” you on Margene’s blog. Free Joho!

    I may still have a blog, but it’s rarely updated. Meh. Like you said, Ravelry killed them.

    It would be awesome if you came to Alta next year!

    Yanno, tomorrow is also my 12th anniversary. Wedding, not blogging.

  3. I’m a giveaway hoar. We met on Ravelry, where I learned that you are a Squishy Zebra. Have fun unplugging!

  4. I miss blogging, and am trying to do more of it. What I miss more is other people blogging. I’m glad you’re blogging again. I don’t keep up as well on Ravelry or FB, and following along on blogs works better for me.

    Congratulations on 12 years, and I hope you have many more. xoxo

    I think I found you over in the comments section over at Cookie’s blog.

  5. We’ve never actually met, but I read your posts in a Ravelry (aka the Blog-Killer) group.

    I cleek all ur bottins!

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