Weekend Getaway

After watching my mom and I have fun taking classes, Nacogdoches finally gave in and decided to try rigid heddle weaving. ( I may be enabling encouraging friends lately – hi Mo and D!) Even though I’ve taken the beginner’s class, she wanted me to tag along. 

We stayed at the Post Oak RV park in the cutest little cabin. There are tiny houses for rent in the area and I may do that next time. I finished my last  Spunky Club weaving while there, so I am back on track. (details here

Nacogdoches got me that pair of socks in the upper left corner. How true they are.  That bit of pink in the bottom corner is a gift from the lovely Maureen.  Socks, hankies to spin and a project bag. I also recently received a pen from Cheryl that her husband made. That thing is ah-mazeing! If I can get a link to his stuff, I will share it here. He makes some beautiful wood projects. 

Happy Monday y’all! I’m off to L.A. For the week. What do you have planned?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway

  1. That cabin is totally adorable! I want a bedroom like that.

    Me, I still have to wash my first scarf and work on the second one that’s on the loom. Oh, and await the arrival of some cotton from Colourmart. Thanks for the enablement encouragement!

    Have fun in LA!

  2. Do you love your new scarf! Have you woven Interview? I haven’t, but I’ve been thinking about it, and we know that totally counts and gets things done. xoxo

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