So there was this 5k

Lessons learned: 

Look at the route beforehand. That thing was all hills. Just when you thought “I’ll make it to this turn and it will be downhill” there was a other hill. Also I felt like it was never going end because I didn’t know where I was. Once we actually hit the Zoo grounds I knew it was almost over. 

Plan water better. They didn’t have a water station until there was a mile left. WTF does that? Although getting overheated and loosing feeling in my leg meant that I didn’t feel,the shin splints.

Bring someone who has your back. No matter how annoyed he was, Texas stayed with me the whole way. Our friend finished in 30 minutes. We took an hour and eleven.  

Training for it might be good idea. Just winging it was a little crazy.  Especially since I haven’t done Jiu jitsu in a year. 

Next up? The Bike MS150. You can still donate here .  I’ll be doing the drawing on the 8th. So, share on social media with #MakeSquishRide or donate at least $10 to get a chance to win. 

Happy Tuesday y’all!

2 thoughts on “So there was this 5k

  1. If you can feel like that, who cares how you look? I’m impressed. That route and water situation just seems mean. Of course, I feel like running is an abusive form of fitness, so I’m probably not the right person to consult.

    I hope your prep for the cycling is going well. Go, Squish, Go! xoxo

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