Winners, Winners everywhere and more coming!

The 1000th commenter was…

Laura!  Sorry, not you  La… but Laura. (Although Jen did leave a comment that I should send you yarn anyway.) I’ve been checking out your site to come up with prize ideas and after I see the Estes haul, I hope to have a better idea.

llama 002

The llama has been boiled, stuffed, sewn and was seen checking out the tomato plants.  Yes, I’m knitting.  One super secret project done, another on the needles.  2 pair of socks, a purse and a scarf.  No, I do not know how to be monogamous.

:::::ding, Ding, ding:::::

Breaking News out of Utah, our roving (har har) reporter Hilda Von Cisterne has infiltrated that compound where Joho is being held. 

Hilda:  Earlier in the week, one of the handlers denied any wrong doing and even paraded Joho out for a photo shoot.  Frankly, I’m surprised she wasn’t posed with a newspaper.  Just how do we know this is a current picture? 

Stacey: That’s very true Hilda.  We’ve heard reports that the kidnapper may have left the compound.  What have you heard.

Hilda:  That’s right Stacey.  I’ve actually made contact with one of the inhabitants and he reports that the woman in charge of this operation has left for something called Estes.  While she was gone, I got a chance to interview him.

moxie interview

 Moxie, tell me what it’s like inside the compound.

Moxie:  It’s awful.  All this stinky wool all over the place.  The conditions for Joho are deplorable.  She’s being kept in a dark, dark place.  And Mom, I mean the kidnapper, just left us all alone for who knows how long.  Even Emmylou is suffering. 

Hilda: Do you mean to say that there is more than one hostage?

Moxie: No, just Joho.  But mom, I mean the kidnapper, she took Loksins and Monkey with her and left the rest of this here.  She even took some of that stinky fluffy stuff with her and is probably going to come back with more. 

Hilda: Are you sure this isn’t just a case of sour grapes because you were left behind.

Moxie.  I have nothing else to say, except FREE JOHO!

Hilda: That’s all we have from here, Hilda Von Cisterne reporting.

Yes, I’m starting the torture again!  Anyone who shouted Free Joho from Monday until now is automatically entered.  You have 3 ways to enter (and you can do all 3 to get 3 entries.) Just let me know if you’ve done 1 or 2.

  1. Go to Margene’s and tell her to Free Joho
  2. Write your own post about freeing Joho
  3. Leave a comment here in support of Joho

Since it’s summer and everyone is running around, I’m letting this one run until 26 June 07.  6 p.m. PST.  Up for grabs?  A gift certificate to the Loopy Ewe.  (If you win and you’re not a lace or sock knitter, we can chat about options).  See, I can be an evil fiber pusher too!

11 thoughts on “Winners, Winners everywhere and more coming!

  1. OMG! too funny…this is hilarious. Is Margene = Zen needle art? just checking…I read the zen blog but haven’t seen her referred to as Margene…so thought I would ask. lol

  2. Oh my, you definitely have an inside track with Moxie! I’m sure Joho is fine and delving into the zen of waiting. I believe Joho will emerge a finer and more enlightened, um, lace-being at the end of this trial.

  3. I supported the effort to free Joho today while driving back from Estes with the kidnapper. I think progress is being made.

  4. Laura? As in ME?? OH my gosh I had no idea!! And here you’ve been CALLING OUT to me and I didn’t know. hehe Well that’s pretty cool. I’m horrible about getting contest prizes sent out so I’ll be happy to wait patiently. 🙂

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