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Saturday Ramblings

Husband at the farm with his momma. I did nothing last night except knit and watch Live PD. (Seriously though, some of those officers! I need to be searched for weapons please) I had the whole cough to myself! Finished sock one for my mom. Y’all know I love her because she picked acrylic baby yarn.

I had cold pizza for breakfast. In bed. It was wonderful! Crumbs be damned! Ok, so I’m changing the sheets today, but that little rebellion felt good.

Today is picking up groceries. Say what you want about them, but that grocery pick up thing at w@lm@rt is awesome. If the delivery places could get it right, I’d go back to them, but this will do. All my meal prep is baked things that don’t require much except marinating and baking. Seeing as I’m doing 2 weeks of meals (the bike thing is NEXT WEEK y’all! I am not ready) I went for easy. FYI, meal prep is breakfast and 3 meals. For.Every.Work.Day. Further proof I love my husband. Just sayin’.

Then, I’m knitting. Mom has surgery the DAY AFTER the bike ride – y’all, could it be worse timing? So, I want to get these things done so she has something cheery in the hospital. I need to find something to binge on.

You can still donate to my ride. I’m going for $12k!

What are you doing today?

I got tired

Having ALL the grass fed beef you want available to you became a kind of burden. I got tired of it.  I didn’t know what to do with it. I took a break. I started eating some weird foods the past few days. Nothing but roasted Brussel sprouts for dinner one night, smoked herring on wasa crackers for lunch. Last night, I ate peanut butter and celery for dinner. Hello?!?

So, I started surfing and pulling out cookbooks and came up with cheesesteak casserole. Done Berks County style. I had to make two batches because Texas likes mushrooms in his cheesesteak. I draw the line at bell peppers. That is not how we roll!

All the yumminess of a childhood cheesesteak memory without the carbs of the bread. Comfort food tweaked and twisted to fit a different way of eating.

≈ Zzzzzzzzz ≈

I’m tired of knitting on the sweater. While I love the fabric that Silky Wool makes, there is only so long I can knit with it. Does anyone else find that it dries your hands out? My fingers were hurting where it slides across them and I was using more lotion in one night than I probably use in a whole month.

I’m back to the mystery socks in the hopes that I can catch up before the final clue tomorrow.  Besides the peer pressure to work on the Sweater of Dryness ™, I had gotten tired of the heels. I alway mess up in some way, shape or form in picking up stitches for them. I suppose the cure for that is to knit more socks like that. However, I tried them on and they are a little loose around the heel. I might be a tried and true short row heel girl.

≈ Zzzzzzzzz ≈

Other things that are making me tired:

  • The plague that ended just in time for allergies to take over.
  • Jiu Bitsy™. In a good way. I’m sleeping much better too.
  • Roller coaster weather. Ice and maybe a high of 32 today, 60’s tomorrow and 70’s by the weekend.
  • Meditation. How do y’all do it without falling asleep?

Happy Tuesday y’all!