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Happy Jug Day!

Obviously, I should not be knitting in the car. I messed up the cast on/first few rows for this 4 times. 4 times! I was inspired by Sarah’s giant gnome and thought it would be quick and easy to knit and that I could make some decent progress while traveling. HA!

made me

Because of the busy week I had, I made absolutely no progress on the stitching stuff for this month’s CMMDI. Meh. It’s not like it hasn’t been sitting around for years already.

Next up on the weird travel schedule is the 2013 Rare Neuro-immunoligic Disorders Symposium. Luckily, it is in Dallas and I have Priority Club points to spend.  I will probably not be attending patient day in L.A. this year, (unless a magical pigeon drops a plane ticket in my lap) so at least I”ll get to see Sex Kitten and gain some knowledge.

Besides, I wanted to lose another 30 pounds before I saw those people again. Or something like that. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Happy Jug Day y’all! Stay hydrated!

Busy, busy. Tired, tired.*

Someone may have mentioned that it has been a month since  I did a blog post.

August! Texas! On a farm! With the alphabet disease.

I can’t even remember to check email, let alone blogs without someone telling me to do it.

Today was  a prime example. If I actually had to list all of the things we did before 10 a.m., all y’all would need a nap.

◊  ◊  ◊

Speaking of naps, if I’m not herding geese or coddling babies, I’m sleeping from pure exhaustion. (It’s hot y’all!)

Well, except for these socks I’ve been working on. One.row.at.a.time. Because my arm gave up the ghost and these may be my last pairs of socks ever.

Yeah, I know they don’t match. The one in the back has its mate and the footie in the front still needs one. I also just discovered that the new-to-me phone does not have a flash for the camera.

I beat veriz@n and kept my unlimited data, but I lost the flash. I I think I  still won the war.

◊  ◊  ◊

We’re not even going to talk about how I lost my mind and started talking high school football at the grocery store this morning. I heard what was coming out of my mouth and in my head I was screaming “what the flip are you doing?!?!?”.

If I start mentioning rhinestones on my purse, shoot me like a puma going through your trash.

◊  ◊  ◊

It could also be the stress of the upcoming round of chemo/infusion thing. Not the thing itself, but the logistics and having to spend a few nights in Dallas since Texas decided to go out and find a decent job. How dare he! Right?

Maybe it is forgivable since he’s able to keep my coffee stash well stocked. With the good stuff. Roasted and ground the day he brings it home.

He may be a keeper.

◊  ◊  ◊

Happy Sunday y’all!

*because really, I am too tired to come up with a witty title and I’m stealing hers. With permission and without prayer circles.

Manic Monday – Memorial Day Edition

Sometimes it is good to have someone to talk things* through with. Sometimes, that person may end up regretting it. I now have ALL the perky!

So much so, I decided to tackle this mess:


And turn it into this:


Before noon. On a Monday. Granted, it is a holiday Monday, but we can just skip right over that part.

And, we won’t talk about how it got that bad to begin with. Luckily, there were quite a few unpacked boxes from over a year ago, so it moved pretty fast. I was also able to recycle some clothing that is now too big.

Just ignore the fact that I may be anal enough to not only hang my t-shirts, but also to organize them by color. Be glad I didn’t go full throttle and iron them today too.

≡  ≡  ≡


Hey look! One finished sock! It’s hanging out with the one that I cast on for this morning for the first day of Summer of Socks. I don’t know where this is going.  At the end of the summer I’ll either have a couple of  pairs of socks or a bunch of yarn balls attached to needles. You know me.

With the cockamamie scheme I came up with, I could totally make a schtick out of this Manic Monday Sock thing. But that would be stealing and we don’t do that.

≡  ≡  ≡

Happy Monday people! Go forth and enjoy the week!

I’m going to try to find where the awesome post I wrote went to. Have you seen it?

*Things just ended up being an over-the-counter thing that was making me  feel all drunk and disorderly for half the day.

Sunday Sock – The SoS ’13/ CMMDI Edition

made me

Yeah, you know she’s making me do the whole Summer of Socks thing again this summer. (And you too. Yes you! You have to play along) So we’re counting it for SoS ’13 and CMMDI.  A whole summer’s worth of not having to think about what the heck I’m knitting or not knitting. Perhaps just cuddling up with a martini and a skein of sock yarn and pretending I’m queen of everything. (Although that job may be taken already)


This is my sock in progress. From last SoS. Don’t think about it too hard. It is resting upon my “plan” for this year’s Summer of Socks. Bags, patterns in my queue, blah, blah, and blah. You get the idea, right?


I made Texas take the blame for any problems and had him rustle around in the box to pick my first yarn.  This is what he came up with. Vintage Lorna’s Laces in the Aslan color way. Kind of boring. I bought it while I still lived in California,  if that gives you any indication of how long it has been in my stash. Yeah. Don’t think about that too hard either.



Perhaps, we should just not think about anything too hard for the rest of the holiday weekend. Or the rest of the summer.  What ever works for you. Because Cookie has declared that we’re not doing drama or stress this year.  How refreshing!

Happy Sunday Sock y’all!

Nacogdoches’ Cockamamie Schemes

Last time it was decoupage. This time, large needle knitting.  Those right there are US 120’s from Go Girl. Seriously.  US 120.  Nacogdoches bought the shorts and the longs. She’s using 10 strands to knit that.

Cray cray.

This is what I ended up knitting. A rug for Texas’ side of the bed. Because it was far easier to do that than knit him a pair of slippers.  I did not use the huge needles, only US 35’s. Which was interesting enough. (Rav details here)

Oh yeah and I’m working on a couple of warsh cloths. No, I don’t know what is going on up in here either. I was just going to do one, but I actually like the yarn I’m using. It is far softer and easier to use than that sugar and cream stuff.

Sometime this week, I’ll tell you about the 6 goats new goats that were awaiting my return.

What are y’all doing on this beautiful Monday?




So much for farming this weekend

And can I just say “RIGHT ON!!!!”?

I’m getting all packed up and heading for Nacogdoches. Sometimes, that woman knows just the right time to call.

The weird neighbor hasn’t been over to see her since I left. I offered to bring more weapons. I hope that he doesn’t decide to make an appearance when I show up. That would just be too odd.

Ribbing! I know, it’s just a sock in progress, but it has taken me 9 months to get there. Birthing a child may be easier.

Happy Friday y’all!



Today, I am…

Stealing . . . this from Debbie, who in turn stole it from Margene

Reading . . . Plowing with Pigs. Umm, yeah. Crazy, party all the time, CA girl is all up in this farming schtuff. My nook library has gone from all leisure, all the time to farming and educational titles.  I may have to remedy that.

Knitting . . . socks. Been on the needle for almost a year and not even done with the first one, socks.

Spinning. . . I have a wheel? Or a spindle? Reeeeealy.

Listening to. . .  Merry Go ‘Round by Kacey Musgraves. Local (ish) girl done good. Plus who can resist an album named “Same trailer, different park”?

Thinking about . . . fencing. More and more and more fencing. ALL the fencing.

Dreading . . . making Cheddar a steer.

Planning . . . my next idea of course. Trying to figure out if I’ll be needing the bail fund.

Excited about . . . going to the lake this week!

Drinking . . . coffee.

Itching to . . . cast on with some yarn I just dyed.

Needing to . . . build the stalls for the goats and calf

Organizing . . . his tools. So the back room can become a room again and not a gathering place for wood and tools and hardware.

Happy Thursday y’all! What are you doing on the fine Pre-Friday?

Just another day on the farm



I used to want sunny days so I could play on the lake. Now I pray for rainy ones so I can get a break.*

So far today, I’ve bought yarn and drank coffee. Don’t let the excitement overwhelm you.


Knitting!  It’s a WIP, but it’s all I’ve got.  I was actually able to cast on for something over my birthday weekend break. Between decoupage, winding sock yarn, dyeing and avoiding psycho, manic, drunk, rebel yelling neighbor dude. Thankfully, he is Nacogdoches’ neighbor and not mine.

I told her to grab her gun if he ever tells her that he has some nice chianti chilling. I almost did it myself when he started talking about doing shots of some 190 proof stuff he had stashed.

He reminded me of my former Harbor neighbors. Kind of. At least they stayed on their own property. Well, and they never left gifts on my porch in the middle of the night.  O.o

I can honestly say I will never forget my 40th birthday.

What are y’all doing today?

* I didn’t mean to rhyme that. Swears. I do what I can, when I can, but it is always exhausting. And fun.