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I got tired

Having ALL the grass fed beef you want available to you became a kind of burden. I got tired of it.  I didn’t know what to do with it. I took a break. I started eating some weird foods the past few days. Nothing but roasted Brussel sprouts for dinner one night, smoked herring on wasa crackers for lunch. Last night, I ate peanut butter and celery for dinner. Hello?!?

So, I started surfing and pulling out cookbooks and came up with cheesesteak casserole. Done Berks County style. I had to make two batches because Texas likes mushrooms in his cheesesteak. I draw the line at bell peppers. That is not how we roll!

All the yumminess of a childhood cheesesteak memory without the carbs of the bread. Comfort food tweaked and twisted to fit a different way of eating.

≈ Zzzzzzzzz ≈

I’m tired of knitting on the sweater. While I love the fabric that Silky Wool makes, there is only so long I can knit with it. Does anyone else find that it dries your hands out? My fingers were hurting where it slides across them and I was using more lotion in one night than I probably use in a whole month.

I’m back to the mystery socks in the hopes that I can catch up before the final clue tomorrow.  Besides the peer pressure to work on the Sweater of Dryness ™, I had gotten tired of the heels. I alway mess up in some way, shape or form in picking up stitches for them. I suppose the cure for that is to knit more socks like that. However, I tried them on and they are a little loose around the heel. I might be a tried and true short row heel girl.

≈ Zzzzzzzzz ≈

Other things that are making me tired:

  • The plague that ended just in time for allergies to take over.
  • Jiu Bitsy™. In a good way. I’m sleeping much better too.
  • Roller coaster weather. Ice and maybe a high of 32 today, 60’s tomorrow and 70’s by the weekend.
  • Meditation. How do y’all do it without falling asleep?

Happy Tuesday y’all!