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And no one died

Dinosaur Valley State Park was the destination for our experimental camping trip. It was close enough that if things went wrong, we could be home in short order. I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid.   I don’t have a lot of pictures because we were doing ALL the things.


27 miles of walking/ hiking, not including the time spent in the water walking to the Bluehole and dinosaur tracks. We were a half mile from the bathrooms. Our campsite was 1/3 mile from the parking area and park store. It was hot. Hot! So we spent a bunch of time actually in the water. Our hiking was done before 10 a.m.

It actually went so well that we’ll be doing another trip next month.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

Belle and Bowie

We spent Saturday exploring Fort Worth, celebrating SSCLD’s birthday. He hasn’t really been up to doing much besides working, Jiu Jitsu, and working out, so I kidnapped him. Literally. I picked out his clothes, told him to shower and dress, and get in the car.


We all know how I hate driving in traffic, and Saturdays around touristy stuff tested my limits. Of course we ended up at the zoo to see Belle and Bowie, the baby elephants. Texas found funnel cake and I found out that even without seeing everything there, you can get in about 5 miles of walking.


Next we stopped at the “must see” Log Cabin Village. Umm. Yeah. Interesting glimpses into Texas history, but it took about 20 minutes to see all of the cabins. This is where all the plans started to get derailed. We got stuck in traffic with a minor (MINOR!) car accident and two fire trucks and an ambulance coming towards me in my lane.

We tried to stop at the Fort Worth Water Gardens, but there was this thing called inner-city parking. Able to park six, long city blocks away and walk there did not seem so important after about 4 hours of traipsing around the zoo. I just needed coffee and to get away from people.

I’ll share a secret. Texas attracts weird people. Weird with a capital W. It is always a gamble going out in public with him. Saturday was no exception. There was the X-Files guy, the random facts about hippos guy (imagine that awkward Geico commercial times 50), and the lady who just pulled up to our table at Starbucks and would not go away.

It was a nice day and we spent Sunday recovering from bad eating and too much walking on uneven ground watching X-Files. (go figure)

How was your weekend?


Hello Friday!

Did you know there are a bunch of designers donating proceeds from pattern sales during the Olympics? It is best explained here.

I was going to keep working on the Mystery Sock, but those people in that training camp group have made me pull out the sweater that I have been trying to ignore.


O.k. Fine! The socks themselves actually made me grab the sweater. This is my first heel flap since May of 2007.  Yes, seven years. I hate picking up the stitches on heel flaps and never seem to get it right. I made a mistake or two and this is the best looking side on this sock.  I need a timeout before facing the other one.

Reminders for me so I can remind Texas next time I send him to the store:

  • Meyer lemons are not the same as regular lemons. Yeah, they looked pretty, but they’re not the same.
  • Tide booster packs do not have detergent, so no, not the same as Tide pods.
  • Wax paper and parchment paper are not interchangeable for cooking.
  • Storage bags are not the same as freezer bags.
  • REGULAR half and half. Not fat free.
  • I did, however want the fat free greek yogurt.
  • Brand names don’t alway matter. Except for toilet paper and tissues. Hello, Puffs Plus with lotion and vitamins and all that other lovely goodness that leaves the skin on my nose.

One more thing I think I might need to drive home for him: If you think it’s allergies, it’s not. Just take the medicine, carry lysol, and stay away from me.

I am feeling mostly better today. I think one more day of rest will finally put this to rest. Of course, it might also help that Texas is in Austin. Which means his boy/plague germs aren’t circulating. I may have lysol’d and bleached the whole apartment when he left. Don’t tell him that. Mmmkay?

Happy Friday y’all! Are you knitting something today?

Be happy anyway*

Change, it always happens, not just at the beginning of the year. Life is full of learning experiences. That is why I don’t do resolutions. Instead, I’m going to keep doing the following:

  • Laugh more, cry less.
  • Embrace possibility.
  • Roll with it.
  • Never stop looking for the wonderful.
  • Forgive until it is no longer healthy to do so.
  • Continue my healthy living journey.

May your 2014 be filled with enough, y’all!

*If you find serenity and happiness, some people may be jealous. Be happy anyway. ~Mother Teresa

A pre-Thanksgiving miracle

Many of you have already seen our bundles of joy, but other than this, I only have a hat. Meet Cranberry and Giblet.


Sweet, no?

They were a welcome surprise after a long day in Dallas. More details on that after I get more information.


A hat! This may be a Thanksgiving Day miracle. I’ve finally rounded out the autumn orange collection that matches my Squishy Cowl and the elbow warmer mitts I made earlier this year. What can I say? Who wants to knit warm weather knits when it’s over 100?

Pattern: fudged one up

Yarn: Silky Wool XL

Needles: US 7 bamboo circulars

Start: 11/07/12

Finish: 11/22/12

We went to the lake for Thanksgiving. My mom and I mostly sat around while Texas made his famous sweet ‘tater pies and heated up the precooked meal. Easiest Thanksgiving ever! I grabbed most of the Christmas stuff so I could go all redneck out here on the farm while he’s gone today.

I’m thinking Griswold Family Christmas. Or something resembling a small landing strip. I want pilots to say “Bank right at that blazing mass of tackiness in the middle of nowhere.”

It’s wet t-shirt day on the farm

Someone said I should do a blog post, so prepare to be b.o.r.e.d.

Texas is in Dallas (still working on the Cobra), with the dog, so I have been a busy little beaver.

Ozzy and Kitten are old enough and it’s warmed up enough that they were allowed to go back outside. They ran around, fluffed their hay and squeaked at the older ducks. I’m starting to wonder if Ozzy wasn’t a weird creation of that odd, tiny crane that was visiting all summer.

This allowed for some animal rearranging, no more Dexterizing, less mess, and easier cleaning. Oh, and better on the allergies. Apparently, I have a limit to how many baby ducks we can have in the brooding room at one time.

Did I mention that the bunnahs will be living in the yarn room over the winter? Appropriate, no? I figured they may as well because the chocolate angora will be living there once I find one.

Uh, yeah. NO! The bunnies are a little too messy to be near the yarnz. I’m still getting a chocolate angora when I find one.

What?!? At least I’m not the one trying to bring home a llama. Just call me Dr. Dolittle. (Although I’m more Eliza Doolittle than the Dr., don’t you think? Except, I’ll never have manners.)

Anyone else hating the Target Black Friday commercial? I refuse to shop there this year because of it. Yes, I am that persnickety.

Besides, Vaa-aan just got a new store, All That Bling. Ooh yeah! I can not only support a small business, but I can horrify everyone this year. Between Vandal Nation Station, The Dollar Store, the feed store, and the Chinese restaurant that sells stuff like that above, I got it covered.

Except booze for me.

Random question: If you were hit in the head with a 600 pound gear box, would you go get it checked out? Yeah, me too. But, what do I know? He’s alive and I can’t tell if there is any new brain damage. The systemic testosterone poisoning makes it hard to tell.

You wonder why I want a drink?

Happy Sunday y’all!

The winner! For real this time!

In total, $450 was donated by y’all.  I am so grateful for every.single.person. that made a donation or shared this fundraiser.  Thank you all so much!

Here’s what my contact at the foundation said

As you will see, it was a great fundraiser and raised a great amount for NMO research.

Thanks for everything that you did and continue to do.  As in the past, everyone on the list will receive a letter from the foundation that can be used for taxes.

Did you know, that the Guthy Jackson family has donated over 20 million of their own money? Do you know how hard it is to raise money for an orphan disease? Did you know that the foundation is changing the face of medical research? Their “share your information or you don’t get money” approach has eliminated duplication and is making people in the medical community talk about it.

Imagine if we could get every disease worked on this way.

The Judges

What the hell did you put in here with us?!?

Picking the winner

The winner is… ANGIE!!!!!!

1) Don’t call her house during election season… the Wilson is very protective of our Angie

2) Y’all must meet her sometime.  She is the most lovely person.  Plan a trip to WI Sheep and Wool next year and plan a meet up.  Really.  If her dinner hadn’t been ready, I could have talked for hours.

3) She can make me cry tears of happiness and not even know it.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.  (yes, my cold dark heart, but whatever) Remember you can donate anytime.  Here’s to next year! (and a return to my non-knitting, non-blogging life)

Happy Saturday y’all!

p.s. Did you know that they are also trying to get on with the Combined Federal Campaign? So all you people out there who know what that is, look for the Guthy Jackson Charitable Foundation.