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Baby got boots*


Yeah, they’re pink, but my jeans will be over them. I picked function over style. Swears!  4 out of 5 women at the Tractor Supply said they were the boots for working in. I guess we’ll find out.

Yes, those are more seed trays in the background. I’m planting a few each week so everything doesn’t come in all at once. I’d like to enjoy the food without feeling that I have to can it this year.  I think next year will begin the Great Food Preserving Adventure. Unless we get a crap load of tomatoes. I love me some authentic pasta sauce.

The infusion is working so far. The cells they keep track of are still gone and I’ll have them checked every month. Hopefully, they stay gone until my next infusion.  Being off of the oral medication has been wonderful! It was jacking with my blood sugar levels to the point I needed high doses of insulin.  (Doctors and pharmacists everywhere were raising their eyebrows at the numbers) We’ve been able to reduce the amounts significantly and there is a possibility that I won’t need it at all.

We put ducks in our freezer yesterday. It was a little sad as they were the babies we hatched late last year. It was also somewhat satisfying to know they were treated well, kept in good conditions and were dispatched as humanely as possible. There is something to be said for being a part of the whole cycle. Texas may also be in awe of my awesome awesomeness.

I’m going to Nacogdoches next weekend! Yeah!! I have to go away to knit, but knitting and dyeing will occur! There may be some cockamamie scheme that involves size 100 needles and bedsheets, but I’m down for some down time.

Happy Friday y’all! Hope y’all have some great plans for it.

*I was going to title this Fat Baby since that’s what the boots are called, but I thought some might see it relating to the ducks and not the footwear.  Oh, and there was temptation to label one of the packages Kitten and take a picture for Carrie. However, Kitten is now Chairman Meow and alive and well.  I can’t be that cruel.


The tractor is running!

I spent some time on it yesterday when I got home from the lake.  I think I’m happy about that. It will be even better once someone replaces the old seat. It’s a tad bouncy for my bad discs.

I forgot about that part and may have done too much.


Today, while I am recovering, I’m playing Fire Marshal Squishy. I was a bad blogger and forgot to take before pictures of this section. I did get pictures of the next part, but I doubt we’ll get to burning that today.

Well, he kind of set fire to all of the underbrush. *ahem* Apparently I failed as a fire marshal.  Next time, I’ll make him go to the house for drinks.

Or take the accelerant and matches with me.

What did you do today?


It started with a whisper


Knitting? What knitting? It’s in the flipping 60’s again!

Despite napping most of the day yesterday, I’m still tired.

NO! I do not want to pet your drama llama.

I wish stuff would start growing so I could hop on the tractor and brush hog.

I’m still waiting to find out what February is about. And don’t say it’s still mittens. I have enough mitts for now.

What do you think about angora goats?

I want a turkey!

I know, I get it. I used to work at a domestic violence center. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to throttle you myself when you’re given chances, choose to stay and then come around when it gets bad enough again.

I’m heading out, in shorts and a t-shirt, to go inspect the planting beds. Just because I can.

Happy Sunday y’all!

All work and no play

Makes Johnny a dull boy.

This is why I will not be knitting that free pattern I found that looked so pretty. Luckily, I only have to rip about 12 rows to just do a pair of ribbed mitts. I’m liking the color better in the rib anyway.

My luck will have me finishing these with a serious lack of cold weather.

Œ     Œ     Œ


We shall not speak of the black spots. No, it was not the fault of Texas nor I.

Œ     Œ     Œ

You would think I’d be much better with German growing up in PA Dutch country and all that.  Apparently not.

Œ     Œ     Œ

I’m still waiting to hear about my infusion appointment. Actually, I think I’m only waiting on one more blood test. You would not believe how much blood they take so they can pump you full of chemicals.  Luckily, my insurance recognizes it as a treatment for NMO and “pays” for it.

Yes, this is the next step. My oral medication has failed twice already . Even after the PLEX last month and an increase in dose, my lymphocytes are still high and other things are normal. Which means it still isn’t doing what it is suppossed to.

Œ     Œ     Œ

Is it bad that I picked today’s separator symbol because it’s called ligature CE?

Œ     Œ     Œ

Happy Monday y’all!

I loved it so much, I did it again

Random things on my mind today:

Internet etiquette: If you respond to a blog comment on twitter, do you still  have to reply to the email?

Go wish Angie a Happy Birthday.  It may even be safe to call seeing how election season is over.

This is my non-political/ political rant for the year:

For the first time, I was ashamed to call myself a Democrat. Although I’m probably more independent because I don’t believe either party’s lines completely. Let me have my guns! Let me decide what I want to do with my body!

The viciousness of people who claimed to be “accepting” and” open minded”  left me stunned.  Personal and venomous attacks on an individual’s opinion should not be tolerated.  By either side. I saw a lot of bullying.  Yes, bullying. What has happened to us in general when you can’t have a civil conversation about ideology? Not everyone thinks or believes the same way.  This is one of the things that makes our Country great. We can have different opinions.

If you think I’m talking about you, I probably am.

I ran away to St@rbucks yesterday.  Just to feel civilized for a few hours.  Coffee! Fast internet! Uninterrupted knitting! Unless you count the text requesting that I buy someone lunch. Really?!

I’m thinking of running away again today since I found my hat mojo hiding out there.

I wish we still had a LYS.

I told him not to buy HK, but he did.  He said it was the tackiest thing there. So I bought something normal.  For someone really not normal at all. He seems to want to spread the tacky love.  I do not.  Unless I’m feeling exceptionally evil that day.

I still remember where to find that rhinestoned, pink bag with the angel-winged football. No, not kidding.  I have a picture.

Happy Thursday y’all!  What’s on your mind?




Get your chicks for free

For some reason, I cannot get that song out of my head.

Perhaps it is the 8 chicks that have been running around the bathtub and various plastic bins. Oh, and there are more eggs with pips.  (send help, don’t tell Texas) I’m thinking of changing Ozzy’s name to Lurch.  He is HUGE!  As in Kitten’s whole head is the size of just his beak. (bill? whatever)

I spent Saturday and Sunday trying to relax and get caught up.  Yeah, it didn’t quite happen like that.  There may have been a tiny party with a bonfire. I cannot confirm nor deny.

We got started on season one of The Borgias.  Seriously. Go watch. Now.

Monday, I spent doing all the things. The most fun was the duct tape and painters plastic.  What?

Today, I may actually read some blogs and knit some stuff need to go renew my registration, deliver some eggs, and catch up on email.

What are you doing today?

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

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Happy Tuesday y’all!

October 8th

Do you realize that I’ve been blogging for 8 years?  Where the hell did the time go?  I’ve been having fun picking random months and re-reading.  It lulls me to sleep at night.

I’m still wondering what the hell happened to all that embroidery stuff I was working on.  Sometimes, I’m surprised to find out I knit.

Sweaters even.  I started one at the beginning of this year.  Almost down to the arm hole splits. Then it got hot. In March.  I spent yesterday stringing it onto waste yarn, checking fit, counting stitches and figuring out what the hell I was doing.  The couple of rows I added seemed to work out, so I think I’m good.

I was going to spend today working on it, but my hand knit stash has been raided! Who steals hand knits?!?!

Apparently, a poor, hand knit neglected husband.  I need to find some quick and easy hats to whip out for Texas that “coordinate” with his polo shirt of the day. Or mine can continue to disappear.

I may even knit him a pair of house socks.  Crazy!

Of course, all those “plans” only apply if I don’t fall asleep while I’m curled up on the couch, trying to stay warm.

Happy Monday y’all!



Take No Prisioners Thursday*

*So what if it was originally TNP Tuesday. It’s my blog and I make the rules.  Besides, I’ve had an interesting week. As a wise friend said

The satisfaction would be brief and the fallout would be never ending.

I’ve been knitting tiny things that need eyes.  Which I may get next Thursday.  I do not have a JoAnn’s in my area, so I ordered online. HORRIBLE!  How do you order on a Monday morning and it doesn’t get shipped until Thursday? I get that they’re a brick and mortar store first, but do not sell things online if you can’t get it out in a timely manner.



Ahhh, the back forty as seen from the tractor seat.  I may pack up the dog, some knitting, a lunch and hang out back there today.  Or I may spin some Cupcake batts.  I’m still not sure.  All that packing and moving the battery from the tractor to the truck. I should have used the “breaking into tears” moment this morning to get Texas to switch the batteries.


Oh yeah, hot pink and rhinestoned out the wazoo.  I didn’t see the pink zebra stripe one (also with a cross) fast enough to get a picture of it. I think I blinded by all the bling.  Or repelled by the light of Christ.  (you know having a cold dark heart and all that).


Fire ban was lifted, so 3 months of limbs and grass were torched.  We’re on the cusp of  it going into effect again, so Texas better get his butt in gear this weekend.  A good fire is always cleansing.

I woke up thinking it was donut Friday and was woefully disappointed.  Heartbreaking really when you’re looking forward to still warm donuts with your coffee.

First Monday is coming up this weekend and I’m having to reign in his craziness.  NO!  We are not getting more ducks until you build another 2 houses and pens.

So, besides the 36 eggs in the incubator,  that’s all I got.

Happy Thursday y’all!