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Happy Jug Day!

Obviously, I should not be knitting in the car. I messed up the cast on/first few rows for this 4 times. 4 times! I was inspired by Sarah’s giant gnome and thought it would be quick and easy to knit and that I could make some decent progress while traveling. HA!

made me

Because of the busy week I had, I made absolutely no progress on the stitching stuff for this month’s CMMDI. Meh. It’s not like it hasn’t been sitting around for years already.

Next up on the weird travel schedule is the 2013 Rare Neuro-immunoligic Disorders Symposium. Luckily, it is in Dallas and I have Priority Club points to spend.  I will probably not be attending patient day in L.A. this year, (unless a magical pigeon drops a plane ticket in my lap) so at least I”ll get to see Sex Kitten and gain some knowledge.

Besides, I wanted to lose another 30 pounds before I saw those people again. Or something like that. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Happy Jug Day y’all! Stay hydrated!

And so this is Sunday

A sockless Sunday. During SoS13. Shouldn’t I be knitting one or something? I kind of feel guilty for not having one to show. I mean SoS ends next weekend.

By the way, where did the summer go?

Apparently, I’m having an attack of Catholic guilt today.

I feel the need to apologize for not replying to my blog comments. I read them, I just figure I’ll answer them later, and then later becomes a couple of days or a week. By then, I figure the relevance of my response is nil, nada, zip, zilch.

I’m also feeling guilty about leaving for Dallas for a few days. There are always a ton of things that need to be done here on the farm and although Texas is an adult and can do them, I feel a responsibility to get things done. Of course, no one could ever live up to my standards for cleaning or doing things the proper way. (aka my way)

Granted, I am going  for my infusion, but I’ll be thinking about what may or may not be getting done.

In other news, there is a Brangus heifer on the loose in my neighborhood. She escaped from one of the local vets and there are missing poster ALL OVER TOWN. I’m hoping Texas spots her and brings her home. Although I suspect, she has already been found and relocated, witness protection style, into someone else’s herd.

Happy Sunday y’all

Busy, busy. Tired, tired.*

Someone may have mentioned that it has been a month since  I did a blog post.

August! Texas! On a farm! With the alphabet disease.

I can’t even remember to check email, let alone blogs without someone telling me to do it.

Today was  a prime example. If I actually had to list all of the things we did before 10 a.m., all y’all would need a nap.

◊  ◊  ◊

Speaking of naps, if I’m not herding geese or coddling babies, I’m sleeping from pure exhaustion. (It’s hot y’all!)

Well, except for these socks I’ve been working on. One.row.at.a.time. Because my arm gave up the ghost and these may be my last pairs of socks ever.

Yeah, I know they don’t match. The one in the back has its mate and the footie in the front still needs one. I also just discovered that the new-to-me phone does not have a flash for the camera.

I beat veriz@n and kept my unlimited data, but I lost the flash. I I think I  still won the war.

◊  ◊  ◊

We’re not even going to talk about how I lost my mind and started talking high school football at the grocery store this morning. I heard what was coming out of my mouth and in my head I was screaming “what the flip are you doing?!?!?”.

If I start mentioning rhinestones on my purse, shoot me like a puma going through your trash.

◊  ◊  ◊

It could also be the stress of the upcoming round of chemo/infusion thing. Not the thing itself, but the logistics and having to spend a few nights in Dallas since Texas decided to go out and find a decent job. How dare he! Right?

Maybe it is forgivable since he’s able to keep my coffee stash well stocked. With the good stuff. Roasted and ground the day he brings it home.

He may be a keeper.

◊  ◊  ◊

Happy Sunday y’all!

*because really, I am too tired to come up with a witty title and I’m stealing hers. With permission and without prayer circles.

Who sends a diabetic cookies?!?*

Hi! Busy! Farm! Summer! Things in mah head!

If I can’t do internet stuff on my phone while waiting or being driven, it isn’t getting done. I have about 2.5 minutes of awake/non-busy / non-sick time a day to peruse my email. If I hadn’t taken a tiny spill this morning, I wouldn’t be on the computer right now.

Bunnahs! I know they still look like snausages, but don’t all animals look like that at this age? Happy Cheryl and Carrie K? When they get bigger, I’ll get pictures where hopefully they will look like bunnies.

Random mysteries: Chainsaw noises, Mexican music bass pumping, why does a guido born in N.J. have Italian citizenship (I’mma thinking easy for evading arrest), and what is it with small town librarians (totally a story for another day)?

Happy Tuesday y’all.

*and recipes for lemon meringue waffles and iced coffee and chocolate covered espresso beans.

Do people still blog?

Here she is on her first tow. Doesn’t the Princess look so sad?


For those of you not following along on Facebook, my alternator belt exploded the other day. Luckily, I have a MIL that knows how to work on cars. She replaced both belts before Texas got home from work, so all he had to do was run a compression check to make sure that I hadn’t killed my engine too.

On the plus side, she now has pretty, sparkly silver writing on her outlining the path of the belts. I think that’s a plus side.


Pre-cut. The orange is left over from last time, the hot pink is new. I walked out of there with a fauxhawk. Which no one will get to see until I bring my eyebrows back under control. I can’t wait to play with it today and see what else it does.

Can I also mention that less hair just leaves you with nothing to soak up the sweat? I’ve picked up a couple of cute headbands and will be on the lookout for more.

Still plugging away on socks. I may have something to post about this Sunday. However, I was distracted by a trip to Hobby Lobby (only because they have an awesomly soft cotton that makes fabulous face cloths and isn’t hard on your hands) and ended up coming home with this:

It was bright and cheery on a day I needed bright and cheery.  It makes me smile looking at it.

In other news, I am out of the good coffee. I told Texas to tell his boss that I am being forced to drink inferior coffee and I’m pretty damn sure that demons are pulling the wings off of angels somewhere today because of it.

I’m hoping he gets the hint and brings some home from work today.

What is making you smile today?

Sunday Sock: Silkwood Edition

aka trimming goat hooves by myself

Our original goats were awesome. They know it’s painless and they get a treat afterward. The six wild heathens that Texas got? Not so much.

Moo almost broke my leg, I was pooped on more than once, and I was gouged several times by too long nails. We won’t even talk about how many times I landed on the stall floor.

I’ve used half a gallon of bleach on the clothes I was wearing. O.o


I would insert a picture of sock progress, but, well… you know, there was no progress.

I figured out one of the reasons I was having problems with the crochet. However, we will not be admitting what it was in public.

Someone said the Tour de Fleece was going on. What?!? Who does that crazy stuff?


I briefly considered mowing once I got back from breakfast. And then, I realized how crazy that idea was.

Almost as crazy as hearing “Is Daddy coming in?” and realizing the waitress was asking if Texas would be joining me for breakfast.

I may become addicted to Devious Maids.

The “cold front” has moved in and they expect highs to be in the mid-to-high 90’s. It’s better than 105, but how do you call that a cold front?

Today will most likely involve season one of Saving Grace, knitting socks and crocheting.


Happy Canada Day y’all!

A cow in the trunk and two pigs in the backseat


Meet Bacon! (I typed meat first, which technically…) He’s a 4 week old Jersey that we’re going to sell in the fall. Don’t you just love that little heart on his forehead?

For all the complaining about the work that goes into starting/ having a farm, there is something cool about being able to barter a couple of chicks, some ducks, 6 turkeys and 6 rabbits for a cow and two pigs.

I briefly considered 2 Jacob sheep instead of all that, but it makes more sense financially to go with the calf and pigs for right now. Plus, it would be a whole new learning experience. At least Texas and Boomhauer* have a bit of experience with pigs.

That’s what I did yesterday. Along with getting feed, stocking up on gas for the tractor (I really need a gas tank on my truck), getting a flat and being treated like a helpless woman twice. Bless their hearts. They were both older gentlemen and it was very sweet and I am appreciative. I’m just  used to getting things done and not always relying on someone to “save me”.

I mean, I had my first job at 13 and my own checking account at 16. Before that it was one of those Passbook savings accounts. Do they still have those? Are any of you old enough to remember them? Or is it just me?

Anyway, no sock knitting occurred yesterday, but wait until you see what I did accomplish this week.

Happy Saturday y’all!

* Boomhauer is our “neighbor” who actually lives about a half mile or so – not counting the driveways- away. His acreage is across the road from ours and it is often his horses that are wandering around. I can only understand about one word in twenty when he is speaking. Between the thick East Texas accent and the oil field accident that messed up his face, I’m lucky I get that far. I totally need Texas to translate.