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Keeping it playful

Yeah, the socks again. They’re mystery socks, so progress is regulated and I got nothing else going on with the needles. Once these are done, I have some lovely red yarn I want to make socks with. I just have to find the pattern. Perhaps one of these? (from an awesome Canadian designer)

Since this is the week of Texas working 12 hour overnight shifts, I should get a bunch of quiet knitting time in and make some progress somewhere. Someone also said I had to work on a sweater that is on the needles, hiding in a bag, and buried in my subconscious somewhere.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

If you are following along on other social networking things, this may be old news. I’ve joined a jiu jitsu class.  I wasn’t sure about it at first, with the floppy paw and all that but I love it.  The drills are all legs and core and cardio.

Those of you in the know, know that I’ve been working on losing weight for the past year and it has been going o.k. Since modifying the eating plan last month and adding jiu jitsu, I’ve lost 8% body fat. DUDE! Eight percent. Let that sink in a second. The scale hasn’t moved a huge amount, but my clothes fit differently and I’m finding muscles I didn’t know I had.

I won’t ever compete because it’s not like I can tell someone to take it easy on the arm while sparring, like I can in class. I actually look forward to going to class instead of dreading going to the gym.  I think this might be a good fit for me.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Happy Monday, y’all! What are you doing today? Do you have pattern ideas for this yarn?




Busy, busy. Tired, tired.*

Someone may have mentioned that it has been a month since  I did a blog post.

August! Texas! On a farm! With the alphabet disease.

I can’t even remember to check email, let alone blogs without someone telling me to do it.

Today was  a prime example. If I actually had to list all of the things we did before 10 a.m., all y’all would need a nap.

◊  ◊  ◊

Speaking of naps, if I’m not herding geese or coddling babies, I’m sleeping from pure exhaustion. (It’s hot y’all!)

Well, except for these socks I’ve been working on. One.row.at.a.time. Because my arm gave up the ghost and these may be my last pairs of socks ever.

Yeah, I know they don’t match. The one in the back has its mate and the footie in the front still needs one. I also just discovered that the new-to-me phone does not have a flash for the camera.

I beat veriz@n and kept my unlimited data, but I lost the flash. I I think I  still won the war.

◊  ◊  ◊

We’re not even going to talk about how I lost my mind and started talking high school football at the grocery store this morning. I heard what was coming out of my mouth and in my head I was screaming “what the flip are you doing?!?!?”.

If I start mentioning rhinestones on my purse, shoot me like a puma going through your trash.

◊  ◊  ◊

It could also be the stress of the upcoming round of chemo/infusion thing. Not the thing itself, but the logistics and having to spend a few nights in Dallas since Texas decided to go out and find a decent job. How dare he! Right?

Maybe it is forgivable since he’s able to keep my coffee stash well stocked. With the good stuff. Roasted and ground the day he brings it home.

He may be a keeper.

◊  ◊  ◊

Happy Sunday y’all!

*because really, I am too tired to come up with a witty title and I’m stealing hers. With permission and without prayer circles.

Sunday Sock – Not My Sock Edition



Cookie made me do it! Well, kind of. It’s Sunday, it’s summer, she’s busy having a life or whatever and I’m a slacker.

I got all bossy and made her send me a picture of her sock in progress. No, I don’t have any details. I didn’t ask. Like I said, she’s busy.

Besides, if I had to carry the Sunday Sock post, she had to carry the knitting.

I have been knitting on my socks. Swears! It’s been hot, so I’ve been dvr-ing bad nighttime t.v. (hello Housewives and Southern Fried Homicide) and watching it while knitting. At least until I pass out sometime around 1 p.m. every day.

Someone talked me through the first 10 minutes of Sharknado, but I haven’t been able to make myself watch it yet.

Today? It’s the end of the world because of the whole east-to-west storm system. We’re right on the edge of it, so it has been cloudy and cool (we didn’t even hit 80 degrees today) but no rain. If it actually rains, I might go out and dance in it.

Did you knit socks today? Or just rip off someone else’s hard work?

Happy Sunday y’all!



Sunday Sock: Silkwood Edition

aka trimming goat hooves by myself

Our original goats were awesome. They know it’s painless and they get a treat afterward. The six wild heathens that Texas got? Not so much.

Moo almost broke my leg, I was pooped on more than once, and I was gouged several times by too long nails. We won’t even talk about how many times I landed on the stall floor.

I’ve used half a gallon of bleach on the clothes I was wearing. O.o


I would insert a picture of sock progress, but, well… you know, there was no progress.

I figured out one of the reasons I was having problems with the crochet. However, we will not be admitting what it was in public.

Someone said the Tour de Fleece was going on. What?!? Who does that crazy stuff?


I briefly considered mowing once I got back from breakfast. And then, I realized how crazy that idea was.

Almost as crazy as hearing “Is Daddy coming in?” and realizing the waitress was asking if Texas would be joining me for breakfast.

I may become addicted to Devious Maids.

The “cold front” has moved in and they expect highs to be in the mid-to-high 90’s. It’s better than 105, but how do you call that a cold front?

Today will most likely involve season one of Saving Grace, knitting socks and crocheting.


Happy Canada Day y’all!

Sunday Sock: Days Like These Edition

Days like these, I wish I drank. A LOT! But then we go back to that whole failure as a lush thing. Maybe if I bought some flavored vodka and added it to that fancy fruit infused water.

It’s hot. Like hot, hot. I know some of it is my wiring being all messed up from the thangs in my head, but it feels the same. I’m coming to the realization that I may have to purchase some of the cooling things that MS patients use. I don’t like it.* But I’ll do it.  I say Texas just needs to get me a pool. Or a large stock tank.

There will however, not be two tubs in the pasture or a shower under a tree.


Well, a progress shot of socks anyway. Because I had to wait for needles. I was going to knit a bit before taking this picture, but we had emergency chicks hatching. And a weird night of sleep due to questionable dinner choices. You don’t what to know what is going on for lunch.

Cookie sez there may be magical pigeons afoot. Or a-wing. Or whatever it is magical pigeons do.

Yeah. I don’t know what’s going on around here either.

Happy Sock Day y’all!

*I don’t like it because, to me, it is like a turning point. A “oh, so you’re sick enough to need that” thing. A point that is making me think and re-evaluate things and my ideas of things. A “we can’t just be all pollyanna about this shit anymore” point. And I don’t like it one bit. /pout



Sunday Sock – Indecision Edition

One Spring Forward done. Woo!?!  Also pictured is the progress on Crusoe and last year’s SoS second sock.

I’m plugging away on the soul sucking plain stockinette socks while others decide my fate. Right now, the poll is tied for working on on the stockinette of doom and starting the second Spring Forward. So, if anyone wants to go in and vote, (for say starting a new sock all together) feel free to.

Luckily, Texas is working all weekend, so I have had time for knitting. Between turkey relocation and breaking the phone in my cleavage (not really, but we’ll just let her think that).

I’m back to a phone I bought 4 years ago. I’m affectionately calling it the Fisher Price phone.  I gave my new-old one a try this morning and if it works again tomorrow, I’ll reactivate it. I mean, it’s running on 3G. I can’t even twitter from it!!! I know, first world problems and all that.

Happy Sunday people!  What are y’all doing today?


Sunday Sock – Snowflake Edition

Since some people are out having a life and there are socks in a box somewhere, I’m leading the Sunday Sock parade this week. But not stealing it, I did speak to her first. Swears!

It was either this or more farm animals.

Yeah, so, um… none are finished. But you know I had to share the crazy/ speshulness. I cast on for  the tan and white ones last Monday. I’m working on the heel now.  The plain stockinette blue ones are soul suckers, but I would really like to finish the pair and made myself cast on the second sock. However, I needed something semi-interesting, non-soul sucking, and yet easy to remember, so I cast on for Crusoe on Wednesday.

I’m not really following any of the directional directions on any of the socks. Toe up, magic cast on and CCSR heels.

Did I mention that when the little old geezer nice man put on my donut, he didn’t tighten all of the lug nuts quite enough and I lost some on the ride home?  We’ve determined that I have a speshul snowflake car, so that might have had something to do with it.  I’m hoping the new tires make it in tomorrow so I can have my car back.  No matter how snowflake she is, I love her.*

How are your socks going?

Have a happy Sockday y’all!

*If only you knew how many people/things that applied to in my life.

Sunday Sock – The SoS ’13/ CMMDI Edition

made me

Yeah, you know she’s making me do the whole Summer of Socks thing again this summer. (And you too. Yes you! You have to play along) So we’re counting it for SoS ’13 and CMMDI.  A whole summer’s worth of not having to think about what the heck I’m knitting or not knitting. Perhaps just cuddling up with a martini and a skein of sock yarn and pretending I’m queen of everything. (Although that job may be taken already)


This is my sock in progress. From last SoS. Don’t think about it too hard. It is resting upon my “plan” for this year’s Summer of Socks. Bags, patterns in my queue, blah, blah, and blah. You get the idea, right?


I made Texas take the blame for any problems and had him rustle around in the box to pick my first yarn.  This is what he came up with. Vintage Lorna’s Laces in the Aslan color way. Kind of boring. I bought it while I still lived in California,  if that gives you any indication of how long it has been in my stash. Yeah. Don’t think about that too hard either.



Perhaps, we should just not think about anything too hard for the rest of the holiday weekend. Or the rest of the summer.  What ever works for you. Because Cookie has declared that we’re not doing drama or stress this year.  How refreshing!

Happy Sunday Sock y’all!