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Nacogdoches’ Cockamamie Schemes

Last time it was decoupage. This time, large needle knitting.  Those right there are US 120’s from Go Girl. Seriously.  US 120.  Nacogdoches bought the shorts and the longs. She’s using 10 strands to knit that.

Cray cray.

This is what I ended up knitting. A rug for Texas’ side of the bed. Because it was far easier to do that than knit him a pair of slippers.  I did not use the huge needles, only US 35’s. Which was interesting enough. (Rav details here)

Oh yeah and I’m working on a couple of warsh cloths. No, I don’t know what is going on up in here either. I was just going to do one, but I actually like the yarn I’m using. It is far softer and easier to use than that sugar and cream stuff.

Sometime this week, I’ll tell you about the 6 goats new goats that were awaiting my return.

What are y’all doing on this beautiful Monday?




So much for farming this weekend

And can I just say “RIGHT ON!!!!”?

I’m getting all packed up and heading for Nacogdoches. Sometimes, that woman knows just the right time to call.

The weird neighbor hasn’t been over to see her since I left. I offered to bring more weapons. I hope that he doesn’t decide to make an appearance when I show up. That would just be too odd.

Ribbing! I know, it’s just a sock in progress, but it has taken me 9 months to get there. Birthing a child may be easier.

Happy Friday y’all!


February Finishes

Imagine my surprise when I realized the 30th wasn’t the last day of January.  Doh!

Wednesday turned out to be egg washing day.  I had already decided that I wouldn’t pressure myself to knock those mitts out since I knew I wasn’t going to have enough time.

And then came the 31st. Hello bonus day!  More time to get my head wrapped around what I wanted to do. (sorry, no spreadsheets for you OCD types out there)

feb finish

I know I probably won’t finish the sweater, but hopefully it will get some needle time. I started the cowl to match the mitts, and to have something mindless to work on. (hopefully while in an infusion chair – yes, still waiting)  I’ve been knitting those damn socks since July and want to finish them before that month comes around again.

Then we have the CookieSpun.  I want to knit something with it. I’ve cast on and ripped two projects with it already. It doesn’t really seem to like being lace. I don’t think it wants to be socks either. I’ve been trying to listen to it, but it’s being stubborn and won’t tell me what it wants to be.

No pressure, just a plan.

Do you have something you want to finish this month?

Happy Friday y’all!

What’s the big… I say, what’s the big idea

I finally found out what February was for. Vests! Or not.

There was also a mention of finishing some shawls that are laying around. So, I say it’s February Finishes. February FO’s? Ummm… something like that. I’m not sure, but I’m going to blame Cookie and still call it:

made me

I have a mitt to finish for the whole NaKniMitMo thing, but tomorrow I should be able to get a list of started stuff I have hanging around.

Or should I do a spreadsheet? *snerk*

Would the month of finishing mean I couldn’t work on anything else? If so, would it be completely crazy to cast on a bunch of stuff today?  Of course, crazy is my middle name.  Did I just answer my own question?


Want another question? Here’s the state of the last mitt. Do you think I can finish it today?

Happy Wednesday y’all!

Saturday Sky 04


Sunset while sitting with the chicks.

It’s raining today, so Texas gets duck and chicken duty. Sweet! Unless he accidentally let the teenage ducks out while feeding them.  How hard is it to deal with teenagers?!?

Yeah, took me about 2 minutes to get them herded and back into their pen.

Why did no one tell me about Carhartt clothing sooner?

One mitt down, next one cast on for.  Perhaps I can chase Texas away and get some more work done today.


This! This is another reason I love the farming stuff. And the geese. Don’t tell Texas, but I could handle another goose or five.

Happy Saturday y’all!

Pretty Trucks


There were two other holes and I’ve repaired them three times already. I purchased the “sock” yarn as part of a sock club. Loved the colorway and it might have been nice as a different project, but the yarn was a sock fail.

Or as we say around here “that sure is a pretty truck”.*

Oh, and I didn’t wear them that much after the first repair, because it was random stitches breaking.

I have yarn! I have mitten patterns. I have the urge to knit mittens. Nothing is saying “knit me”. Nothing. I have no combinations that are begging to jump on the needles. It might be easier if I:

  • had less yarn
  • had it all logged on Ravelry
  • had a local yarn shop

mitt yarn

After all that random blathering,  I went and pulled the two colors you see above out of my stash. Now to decide which one is going to be mitts.  What do you think?

Happy Sunday y’all!

p.s. Anyone else remember when there used to be a Sunday Sock?

* Texas’ stepfather bought a really pretty and really expensive truck. However, it has a light rear end, but you can’t put too much weight in it, it has spider gears, it’s a 6 cylinder with awful transmission gears, he puts the cheapest things on it when they go bad (tires, breaks, even recycled a pair of windshield wipers once) and heaven forbid you “scratch the bed”. It’s a pretty truck that you really can’t use for crap.

Hello Sweetie!


Ice on the truck windshield

I had an amusing morning, curled up on the couch, wrapped in a blankie, drinking some cocoa, and watching the Dallas news. Some highlights:

  • Having a 4-wheel drive does not mean you can drive on ice
  • Every.single.storm, they show cars crashed on the High 5. Why do you think this time will be different?
  • Admit it, you don’t know how to drive on snow/ice.
  • Sand trucks? HAH!
  • Sweet little reporter girl, have you ever been outside of Texas?  If you can see the grass through the snow, that is not a “blanketing of snow”. A dusting maybe, but never a blanket

Maybe I’m just jaded, having grown up in PA and all that.  I will not be leaving the house until the temperatures rise above freezing. If I leave at all today.

The latest stranded mitts have been ripped. For the 3rd time. I apparently cannot follow along if I’m constantly being interrupted.

Maybe I can finish my other mitts today. Even if it needs to involve ropes and duct tape.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

My rooster brings all the girls to the yard


I think my rooster’s sexy?

I may have issues today. Or every day.

He is a pretty rooster. Although I still want a Barred Rock. But that would require another coop and some matching pullets. I don’t know if we’re ready for that.

No, I never thought I’d be discussing the merits of chi8cken breeds.

Still chugging along on the mittens. I figure since Texas is heading to Abilene for a few days, I should be able to finish off the second one in no time.

I’m already dreaming of the next pair.

How was your weekend?