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While the cat’s away…

She did a bunch of crochet. Shut up, my brain is melting.

I hung out at the lake yesterday and forced my momma to go over the basics with me again.


Hers is on top. We were using the same yarn, same pattern, and I had a larger needle.

I may have had tension issues.


By this morning, I thought I was doing better, but I kept on making pasties. Do you think I can find a market for that?

Someone suggested I try the magic loop crochet thing and I ended up with finger cots.


Yeah. Well.

What are all y’all doin’ today?


Mega May

made me

In CMMDI ’13 news, it is Mega May.  Whatever mega means to you. Mega needles, mega yarns, mega projects, mega crazy. Surely there is something mega going on in your life.  Go ahead and blame her. It’s easier that way.

Apparently, for us here in Texas this morning, that includes Mega Cold! It is never this cold in May.  It was 51 degrees in our bedroom this morning! Yeah, someone *coughmecough* forgot to turn on the heat last night.

And mega stupidity.

Including the possibility  that I may have run into a tree with the tractor. The tractor is fine. It was a jarring experience. I swear, it jumped in front of me *coughwhileIwaschangingsongsonmyipodcough* out of nowhere.

Mega needles. US35’s and US50’s. Texas wanted to know if I was taking up vampire hunting and if it was safe to sleep. There may be circulars in the same sizes that were in the same box. I also might have jumped down the US120 rabbit hole. Don’t ask. It will however involve 1/2″ cotton piping.

Mega May. Do you have something mega lined up? (Remember, size doesn’t matter. If it’s mega in your mind, then it’s mega for CMMDI)

Happy (freezing) Friday y’all!

It started with a whisper


Knitting? What knitting? It’s in the flipping 60’s again!

Despite napping most of the day yesterday, I’m still tired.

NO! I do not want to pet your drama llama.

I wish stuff would start growing so I could hop on the tractor and brush hog.

I’m still waiting to find out what February is about. And don’t say it’s still mittens. I have enough mitts for now.

What do you think about angora goats?

I want a turkey!

I know, I get it. I used to work at a domestic violence center. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to throttle you myself when you’re given chances, choose to stay and then come around when it gets bad enough again.

I’m heading out, in shorts and a t-shirt, to go inspect the planting beds. Just because I can.

Happy Sunday y’all!

We are not amused


The first time it snowed on Christmas Day since 1975.  Luckily, we had sleet between the waves of snow, so it wasn’t as deep as it could have been.

THIS! This is why I wanted to live somewhere warmer. Too bad someone is stuck on not living outside of Texas.


Hats! One for mom, one for Texas. Luckily I only had 2 decrease rounds left when the dog whapped my arm.

General details:

  • Pattern: Faked it
  • Yarn: Ella Rae Classic Merino
  • Needle: US 6

Dates are a little fuzzy. I don’t think I’ve raveled them either.

That would require turning on the computer.

Hope you all are warm and dry.

Happy Wednesday y’all!

Oh yeah, that’s why we hate people

Busy week at the farm. New fencing put up, duck pond getting bigger, compost pile started.  All things I know y’all are just dying to hear about. /sarcasm

Instead, I’ll just insert a cute animal picture here.

Yes, the goose is in the chicken tractor.  They hang out there because the chickens lay in their house. Finicky.  The kids have gotten huge! Oh and we think we have a rooster in the bunch. (non-crowing yet) We found a nice woman who has more runner ducks and we may have tiny two and three-weekers in our house by the end of the week.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And now we’re off…I would say I’m not irritated, but that would be lying.  I’m not irritated at the content of the text (multiple actually) that was directed at me, but that the party involved thought it their right to even type it in the first place.

I do have to admit the sign off of “I’m deleting ur number after this” was hilarious.

a) Did I just time travel back to high school? If so, next time I demand The Doctor goes with because he is kind of hot.

2) I never gave you my number so, umm, ohhhhh kay. Please do.

If you no longer make a product, take it off of your sales page and don’t let people put it in their carts.

Same goes if you post an add on crÅig$ liSt.  Delete it when you sell what you’re selling. Especially if someone calls and you say “oh, I sold out the day the ad went up”.

If you’re a business and you say you’re going to call back.  Do it.

Imitation is a form of flattery? Could be stealing someone’s idea.  Guess it’s in the eye of the beholder.

OMG! Get a little class and self respect people!  Please stop whining and crying and keep your legs shut.  You really think if he’s been sleeping with four or five people you know, been to jail for not supporting his other 3 kids, that he is going to jump for joy when you tell him you got knocked up?  This is what, your 4th?

I really don’t think I can do the whole “that’s nice” and “bless your heart” thing. It may be best if I don’t leave the farm.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Have a great week y’all!

Oh and if you’re still reading, what do you think we should name the farm?  Seeing as we don’t the B-52’s attorneys contacting us if we call it The Love Shack.



Love Thursday – Friendz Edition

01.  I love that I have a friend who can rationalize bacon ranch pasta salad as an appropriate after workout meal.

02.  I love that I have a friend who is knowledgeable in stooopid mortgage stuff.

03.  I love that I have a friend who is a knitting monkey and sends me the best.links.ever.  (is this picture better?)

Romi shawl cookie 3

04.  I love that I have a friend who inspires and motivates me to be healthier.

05.  I love that I have a group of friends who are amazing, talented, funny, snarky, loving and crazy. (yeah, I copped out on this one, but I got tired of the linkity)

06. I love that I have a gym not even 5 miles from my house.  And maybe, just maybe I might actually do the walk/bike thing there.  Maybe.  When I can make it up the kill without wanting to DIE!

07.  In the meantime, I love that I get to drive his Mustang because not only is it loud and fun and fast, but I feel like one bad mofo when I drive it. (as opposed to feeling cute and sporty when I drive mine)

08.  I’ve been doing zumba classes and I love them.  No, really.  LOVE!  But I need to be aware of my limits as I triggered a little eyesight loss thingy. (don’t worry, it’s Utoff’s Phenomenon – it happens. It’s like bad electrical wiring getting over heated)  It might pay to have a session or two with a personal trainer or a physical therapist who can help me find a good, balanced routine that will help me get back into shape and feel healthier without pissing off the NMO or the arm.  (all the neuro said was “low weights, high reps”  Dooode, that sooo doesn’t help)

09.  Found on Facebook (despite your political views, this is funny so get the stick outta your… )

The IOC stunned the world this morning when they awarded U.S. President Barack Obama a gold medal for Men’s Skiing. Even though he’s never skied an IOC spokesman said “Barack Obama is going downhill faster than anyone this year.”

♥ ♥ ♥

Ok.  All outta love.

So you get some random crap too.  WOO!  Bonus!

01.  The train started moving again, so he’s back on the 3 gone/1 home schedule.  EXCEPT!  The Northeast had tons of stooopid weather and he’s not coming home this weekend, but next Thursday.  Yet another reason to hate snow.

02.  The doc tried me on Ambien again … this time, the new CR.  It still totally doesn’t work.   I was on a pill that worked except when it didn’t (hahahahahah ahem) Fine, some nights I just could not fall asleep.  The past two nights I’ve been taking an ambien and one of the other pill (instead of two of the other) and I have had the worst sleep I’ve had in a year.  The stuff must trigger nighttime ADD or something.

Swearz I sit up and scream “squirrel!”


03.  I have options today and I really don’t know what to do.

  • I can sit and knit and watch BBC shows
  • I can try a cardio kickboxing class (except for the whole eyesight loss thingy)
  • I can go workout on the machines and then do a PIYO class – they combine pilates and yoga
  • I can go to the aqua class, but I’d have to leave in about an hour a half hour and I don’t think I’ve had enough coffee
  • I can work on some yard stuff that HAS to be done and I know I shouldn’t do it,  but a.) I can’t find a yard guy that isn’t addicted to something and can show up and b.) Texas just doesn’t have the time when he’s home.  This stuff needs to be chopped before it turns green and starts growing again.

04.  While I shared some facebook love above, I’m about to share some hate too.  Can y’all stop with the stupid hoax postings?  I reported someone this week because they clicked on some link and I kept getting tagged in weird photos that aren’t even me.

Yes, I’m one of those people that play the stoopid games, but what I’m amending my wanton ways and trying to stop posting the game stuff by 7 so my friends don’t have to see all that crap.  I wish they would find an easy way that I could just post to the people who are just in my games list.

And people’s ignorance is all the more obvious over there.  I seriously have to bite my fingers some days to keep from calling them idiots and showing them where to find the facts from reliable sources. Or the “if you’re really my friend you’ll repost this”.  WTF is that?

♥ ♥ ♥

And now that I’ve crapped all over Love Thursday, I leave you with some love again.  Skinny Porkchop and her new baby Murdoc.  I’ll have to get better pics later.  This was his first day home.  He’s now 6 weeks old, they’re hand feeding him (the mother’s milk dried up  – she had 11 puppies – and the vet recommended sending the puppies to their homes so they could be fed properly).  He’s all head and legs and is a Great Dane.

new baby

Happy Thursday y’all!